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Know Your Worth

Ever had that friend who came to you and said “this guy or this girl really dogged me! I mean they have pretty much messed it up for the next! I don’t know if I will ever trust again!” Or maybe the conversation started out with you saying “Why do you let him or her treat you this way?” and their reply was “I love me some him, girl I love me some him or her”, and in the back of your mind you know that things will never change for your friend if they remain in this toxic situation and hope that one day soon they will actually get it together! Well, have you, yourself been that person who needed that slap of encouragement to basically tell you to get on the right track!!

Many times after a serious and not so pleasant break up, women and men both take the not so correct route of consoling themselves! They find a way to mend their heartbreak and sometimes end up missing out on something better or drive away something that’s actually worth it! Speaking personally, after I was cheated on in a relationship that I thought would last forever (even though we were only in high school, shame on me LOL), I pretty much tried to become what in present day we call a “maneater”. I was over it! Done with the existence of men! No no no honey, I do not mean that I was changing teams BUT me and a relationship were not even in the same thought together! I was overit.com! Many times I talk to friends who now have trust issues or commitment problems because some jerk messed it up for the rest! I was there and I know exactly how it feels. It feels as if every man is the same and nothing will ever be right in a relationship. It feels as if the best thing to do is to give up.

Instead of throwing in the towel, reevaluate your situation. Think back to times when you failed at other things in life. Did you just give up completely or come at the situation with a different approach. That may just be the healthiest thing for you to do. You see, when I opened up my heart to be with someone, I also seemed to have put on a pair of rose colored glasses. I did not pay attention to signs and just let things happen to me. I took a chance and I got hurt but what is different is I realized my worth. I approached dating differently and more cautiously. I am not saying that you have to doubt and question every man or dating situation, but I am saying that with matters of the heart it may just be best to let your brain lead and follow the signs for what is true to you!


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