Know Your Prints & Subtle Differences! By: The BillionBrand

Often times we as humans in general and especially we as men tend to describe things by how they look and never know or quest to know the actual name because we feel that description suffices enough. BUT WRONG! The more you are able to accurately describe something the more you can understand its purpose and authentically be able to wear it because of what it is and not because of what somebody told you, you should!

Once a week I will be introducing a new print to make sure you understand the proper name or names and that you no longer have to use extra words that just take up time. You also will sound more fashionably educated among  your friends, peers and fashion enthusiasts.

Take a look at these two photos and tell me what print they are?


plaid 2

tartan 2Some may not know what these prints are and others may have an idea. But notice I said, “these” prints. Most of you probably said that these were both Plaid prints, but you are only half correct!

The first print this week we will briefly discuss is: PLAID – what is and whats not!

Contrary to popular belief this is a print that can be often times mislabeled. Often times people just say plaid when they see a print that has an intricate checkered like weave/ pattern and although that’s not completely wrong, its not completely correct either. I want to introduce a word to describe this specific print to you. Its called “Tartan.” one of these photos is a plaid print and the other is a tartan print.

You may way well it looks like plaid to me and yes I will tell you that is correct, but you might also look at every plaid material and say that’s tartan, but that would be incorrect. Why? Because all tartans are plaid, but, not all plaids are able to be classified as tartan. TARTAN EXAMPLE

I want to help you tell the difference. Tartan, something that has been around for centuries, is determined based on the geometric balance of the way the print is woven. Tartan patterns are both vertically and horizontally the same. Whats does that mean? It mean when you look at the pattern vertically and it shows you a pattern and then you turn it 90 degrees and you see the same pattern, then its tartan.

pLAIDNow plaid on the other hand, does not have the same pattern horizontally as it does vertically. When you look at the print vertically and see a pattern and then you turn horizontally you will notice that although some similarities, it isn’t the same. It may have some extra color or lines then the vertical or it may have less.

So above can you look back at the two suits I asked about and tell me now which is which?



The answer is below, but before you look at it, try to determine yourself. 

The Billion Brand

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