Kontour Your Event With Krystal Cain

Have you ever had an idea in your head for a party or an event but couldn’t quite get all of your thoughts together? Maybe you’ve got the plan and lack the connections to get the job done. Do you ever just need an extra helping hand to get everything all planned out and successfully executed? Well then never fear because Krystal Cain is here!


Krystal is an event planning project coordinating machine with a background as a project manager in corporate America and in iT! For all of your event planning needs the Clark Atlanta graduate is the one to call. From corporate events to social events, no matter the budget Kontour Event Management will help mold and shape all of your ideas into the event of your dreams.


Kontour Event Management is more than just an event planning service, but more along the lines of an event MANAGING service. Krystal is hands on in every aspect of the process from start to finish. A day in the life of Krystal consists of at least eight to ten hours of planning both client events and events of her own, sending out Facebook invites, contacting vendors, create EventBrites, looking at decorations, etc. Despite all of this being on her plate she doesn’t stop there!


Krystal takes decorating classes to stay up to date with the latest in party and event planning. She also offers a Kontour Kit for events as well which includes all the essentials to create a successful event. She also decorates both cakes and cupcakes. With the help of her iT background she also is aspiring to create an event planning software to help along her clients and the entire process.

Krystal has her clients’ best interest at heart! She sees to it that every part of the process goes as smoothly as process. She feels so rewarded by her clients’ thank you and just their happiness with the event. Her and her company are set apart from the rest! Allow Krystal to “kontour” your event needs. Check out her website at http://www.kontoureventmgmt.com.

Tenekeyia Esjuante

Fashion & Beauty Writer

Raised all over the world thanks to the Army, but roots are in Alabama. Had a passion for fashion and writing for as long as can remember. Currently a sophomore attending the Savannah College of Art & Design in Atlanta, GA; majoring in Fashion Marketing & Management/ minoring in Advertising Copywriting.