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Kontrol At  Work champions the cause of the new career man and woman. We seek to empower and enlighten our readers with the most exciting advances in the world of work, through a mixture of thought-provoking print and online content, and in-demand speaker events.

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The world’s next leading entrepreneurs and modern consumers with clarity and depth of business understanding.
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By highlighting amazing businesses and sharing the stories of the strong men and women behind them, Kontrol At Work aims to provide entrepreneurs with a safe and supportive environment in which to share their stories, struggles, successes, and more. Our hope? To cultivate a community of strong entrepreneurs who we can learn from and lean on for growth.

Celebrating Entrepreneurship Everywhere.

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Our readers will read and hear first-hand the stories behind the careers of some of the most stylish and successful men and women in business today.
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Julian Rashard Lark
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