KONTROL Editorial Flaunt4

KONTROL Editorial: Flaunt

Where Lingerie + Fashion Meet. Photographer Blair Devereaux and Creative Director Drew Kendrick Find beautiful lingerie and Denim pieces to create a fresh take on simple yet chic All- American Fashion for an exclusive editorial were calling FLAUNT! Check it out below.

KONTROL Editorial Flaunt4

KONTROL Editorial Flaunt3

KONTROL Editorial Flaunt1

KONTROL Editorial Flaunt2

KONTROL Editorial Flaunt

Creative Director: Drew Kendrick

Photographer: Blair Devereaux

Videographer: Christifer Allen

Wardrobe Stylist: Larry | Larry Lee Styles

MUA / Hair: Briana Jones

Make Up Artist: Shaneka Murray


John Edwards

Kellen Marcus

Shariah Copeland

Diana Dragidella

Hansen Horvath

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