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DB Woodside Talks About His New Fox Series Lucifer

DB Woodside Talks About His New Fox Series Lucifer


db woodside

All set for the New Year Fox has presented its new series Lucifer. Making its broadcast debut late January, Lucifer stars an ensemble cast of veterans in the acting game. One veteran actor in specific DB Woodside plays an important role alongside the devil himself as his brother Armenadiel. DB Woodside joins the all-star cast of Lucifer playing a warrior angel named Amenadiel. Armenadiel has been sent down to earth from heaven by his father God, sent with the task of persuading, manipulating and just doing whatever he can do to send his brother Lucifer back down to hell to continue watching his entities in hell for eternity. “Armenadiel is a challenging character to play, it’s something that I haven’t done before.” Woodside goes on to say, “Playing this type of character activates my imagination and I’m just excited to play Armenadiel and be on this great show.”

Loosely based off a Neil Gaiman comic, mentioned by Woodside, “Writers of the show have decided to create their own version, basically showing just what happens when Lucifer himself leaves hell and how it affects us on earth.” It’s all up to Armenadiel to send his brother back to hell, but not without a couple of setbacks, situations and problems db-woodsideof course. Armenadiel the warrior angel battles some personal issues as well, “Armenadiel is faced with the accusation why is my brother who’s always so bad get more attention than I do when I’m always so good.” Throughout the series there’s a constant battle of good versus evil as well as a struggle between two brothers that’ll be showcased in this first season. With appearances by other angels as well as devastatingly devious yet attractive demons, there’s one character that Woodside says unfortunately will not be making an appearance this season. “I can safely say that God will not be making an appearance for season one, but who knows what’s going to happen in seasons to come.” Lucifer which made its very first pilot screening at Comic-Con last July received a positive reception from many fans, but also received a lot of negative reviews as well, even receiving some boycotts as well as petitions to prevent the airing of the show. A lot of religious groups and blogs made statements that the show was glorifying Satan giving him a platform as a reason for the petitioning.

Woodside who comes from a very strong Christian family dismisses the accusations saying, “When people here the name Lucifer, especially our people they get to running and think that its worshiping Satan and with this show that couldn’t be more further from the truth.” Woodside continues to say, “Give the show a chance, its main focus is what happens when Lucifer leaves hell and how it affects us as humans, there is a lot of humor in this show your going to find yourself laughing so much and really enjoying it.” Lucifer starring DB Woodside alongside an ensemble cast comes on Fox Mondays 9pm Eastern/Pacific Time. Check out this cool new series on Fox; scroll down below to see the trailer for Lucifer. – EffYeahMark

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