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Kontrol Exclusive Interview: Lil Mo Blows The Whistle

Kontrol Exclusive Interview: Lil Mo Blows The Whistle

By: Sebastien “@TheGayBestie” Gaudin


Before seen on R&B Divas of L.A. Lil Mo was once one of urban music’s up and coming front-runners in the industry. Making history alongside rappers like Ja Rule with, “Put It On Me” placed her on the map until everything was flipped upside down. Still till this day she claims to have never received a dime for the Billboard Chart topping song that made Murder Inc. millions. In present day the mom of four has a story to share in her upcoming memoir properly entitled, Taming Lil’ Mo and new music to disperse through, The Scarlet Letter. Recently, #KontrolMag had the luxury to get some exclusive news from the songstress ranging from behind the scenes drama, conflicts with Chante Moore, alleged marriage rumors, and new music.


On Her New Music:


A lot of people wanted me to go back based on the true story of Lil Mo, so that’s what I did I took it back to the basics. I also kept it current. Remember when you seen me on “Put It On Me” and “Hot Boys”? Stuff like that nice melodies and not over doing it. Something we ‘re going to save for the show, but for the most part the album is a solid album. That’s mainly what I wanted to do because I haven’t had anything out in a while. I don’t try to over kill or over do it. I try to satisfy everyone’s palette. This is going to be the album that everyone is going to remember why the rocked with me.


What makes you decide to strictly stay with R&B as other artist dabble with pop and what just sells?


I know what works for me. I know I have a gospel churchy sound that I can work to my advantage while a lot of people were afraid to work with me I was like, ‘No’ because I had my core in hip-hop and my exterior is gospel. A lot of people would mix soul and anointing. I’m anointing. There a people that sing soul and others that are anointing. I can sing about anything and people be like, ‘Yo!’. I use my voice as a healing mechanism.


What made you pick the title “The Scarlet Letter”?


The title is what catches your attention. All that I’ve been going through and the time that I’ve been away from the industry and now coming back on a number one show on TVOne. People would always say, ‘That’s one step above Unsung’, but yet we got over 3 million viewers every week. We’re cracking the numbers of the same people who watch all these other major reality shows.


On Her Divorces:


I’ve gone through two divorces in the public eye. People say, ‘You’re suppose to be this big ol’ Christian’. I keep just keep it moving because I believe in love. My exes even go as far and watch my social media. I’m like, ‘Get off my twitter.”


Shockingly she refers to the new man in her life Philadelphia boxer, Dynamite (Carl Dargen) as her actual husband. When asked she says that she will have to shoot something for the show to have it al make sense.


Touching on R&B Divas. What is your relationship with Claudette like now? Do you two have beef?


No, I never beef with anybody on the show. We are all thown into situations and we navigate our way out of it. Some people walk away. Some people are quite. Some people turn up. What you’re seeing is how six different women are dealing with their co-workers. If we worked in a office, jail, or anywhere. Once you get six broads together something is bound to happen for ten weeks. I don’t do beef and I don’t get paid to beef. I wouldn’t even accept a check if paid me to do it. There is just people I’ll dethatch myself from. Claudette is one of the sweetest people ad humans you will ever meet. I don’t understand why she doesn’t have a man in her life. I don’t understand why people are not knocking down her door.


Do you two speak on the regular?


I actually spoke to her two days ago.


Your relationship with Chante Moore, what is that like?






I’ll explain that because to know certain people is to love them. She’s an individual you have to love her from afar. I have to respect her as an artist and as someone older than me and been in the game, so she has tenure. She has seniority over me, but when someone acts like everybody is underneath them I can’t do that. At the end of the day this what we all do for a living. We’re all here for a common goal.


On Behind The Scenes:


A lot of stuff that happened behind cameras or on our off days once we got to set she would act like it never happened. I would be like I can’t deal with this. She knows how far to go with me because she knows I know her tea that I have yet to spill. That’s why I keep it cute when it comes to her because I don’t have to destroy her. She can do that herself.


On The Reunion:


Chante came to the reunion with security. When we walked down the hall security came and walked right in between us. If she gets security I want it too because I’ve been assaulted by a man before back in California in 2001. How do I not know this not the same person that assaulted me before. I’m 4’11 and with wet clothes I’m about 127 lbs. She weighs less than me, but she wasn’t scared of me at Essences, Indianapolis, or anywhere else. Last season she said, ‘I’m not scared of no Kelly Price. I’ll fight her with these heels on.” Now Kelly Price is clearly three of me. No shade. You’re not scared of her, but you’re scared of me? She knows production, management, and legally we are not allowed to fight, attack, or assault anyone.


(Other reunion details she mentions the use of stuffed animals and a boatload of drama that is in store.)


What happened from last season and now?


If you go back and really look you see me, Kelly, and Micehl’le were the coolest off camera. When it came to camera it looked like me and Chante were because of the simple fact that we were always doing scenes together. It got to a point where Kelly didn’t want to do scenes with her. Se didn’t even want Chante on the same hallway as her. That’s how deep it got. I even called Chante out and said, ‘No, Chante you do talk about people behind their back’, and Kelly was there at the time.


Demise if the friendship with Chante


I lost a friend Chante because of the way the new Chante was acting.


Is it the show that has her head a little bigger?


It not the show its her, its her.


Mo’ went further and gave us a little something extra from her personal life. She discussed a wealthy cousin of her’s from the Maryland area who’s highly successful in the restaurant business owning Carolina’s Kitchen. Although many questioned how he got his fortune and why he was never seen involved with anyone. While at a dinner Chante took it upon herself to dropping Mo’s family member’s name and blurted out, “Isn’t he gay.” Mo later on stated after that it was a quick cut off from all that was Chante Moore.


Later on she dished how within the first three hours of meeting Chrisette Michele it took nothing for Chante to gossip about how she allegedly caught her ex-husband Kenny Lattimore in bed with another man.


When discussing the other divas she used the comparison of The Golden Girls dubbing herself as the beloved character Blanche Devereaux.


Concluding if all cast members will be returning for season three, Lil’ Mo makes it very clear that she’ll be there without a doubt, but can’t speek fro the other ladies just yet.


Rumor has it the Chrisette will no longer be apart of the cast.



Check Reunion Part 2 of R&B Divas only on TVOne


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