Chante Moore, Claudette Ortiz & Lil Mo: The REAL Divas Of L.A.

Kontrol had the pleasure of shooting the REAL R&B Divas of L.A. this past April and now the world can take a grand look at the final product which was featured on the show a couple of weeks ago. Before the show even hit the airwaves, we knew that the three divas Chante, Claudette and Lil Mo were very close with each other and they had a bond bigger than just being artist in the music game. There was an ease about these ladies that translated for the audience to see.

The shoot was styled by Kontrol’s E.I.C. Julian Lark and as Chante put it “Some of the best styling I’ve ever seen”, the ladies  followed the lead of extraordinary photographer Will Kennedy and needed little to no direction. This was Kontrol’s first time working with designer Adolfo Sanchez who had stunning pieces which the divas LOVED!!!

I asked the ladies why they decided to do reality TV and what made the LA cast different from Atlanta.

Lil Mo: I never thought in a million years I’d do reality TV but I’m glad that I did because it’s given me an opportunity to get back out there and really promote what I love to do which is music.” “I was asked about the Atlanta cast but when I found out about LA, I knew I was a better fit.

Claudette: I’ve been approached to do reality TV but I wanted to make sure this was something worth pursuing seeing as I have three children. I didn’t want it to be exploitive and negative.

Chante: I was asked to share my life and the focus was going to be on my music, that’s what I liked about it.

What makes the LA cast different from Atlanta?

Claudette: The location makes a difference

Lil Mo: We have more notable songs and we’re cuter, young hip hop and r&b. We act younger and more fun.

After watching the season one, I could see why Lil Mo gave that answer. Tune in tonight to see part one of the reunion hosted by the fabulous Wendy Williams. Be sure you pick up your copy of The Hollywood issue hitting stands September 20th.