Kontrol Your Fitness: Why Sprint?

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Sprinting is one of the most explosive full body training methods that you can choose.  We aren’t talking about going out and casually running. We are speaking of high intensity, all out, top speed sprinting.

Sprinting is a great way to build, tone, as well as define glutes, legs, as well as abs.  It’s obvious that you will feel soreness in your legs the day after, but your abs and obliques will also be sore, and you did not done one single crunch.

It is also beneficial in the burning of overall body fat without sacrificing the loss of muscle. Sprinting increases your metabolism which allows your body to continue to burn calories well after you are done.


Yes it takes time to become proficient at it, but the results are inevitable. Take your time and build up in numbers. Always draw power from your arms in motion. Always come to a gradual stop at the end of your sprint. Do not just stop on a dime. Just a few tips to becoming a good sprinter and preventing possible injury.

See you at the finish line.

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