Kontrol Holiday Guide with Macy’s: Gifts for the Home

For the final holiday guide, I’ve decided to focus on gifts for the home.  The holidays is a great time to give gifts for the home, especially items that the receiver would not get themselves ordinarily.  Sometimes, I wished that more people would give me items for my home.  My parents gave me a nice plate set last Christmas and I was too excited! They were actually surprised that I would like something like that, but I did.  Partly because they were nice and also because I probably wouldn’t have bought myself something so nice…at least in the near future.

Check out some of my favorites with varying price points that can all be purchased from Macy’s!

monogram plates and mugs, $15 each

Monogram anything is so trendy right now, and I love it.  There is something so personal, fun, and chic about having a monogramed plate or mug.  Also, I get territorial about my coffee mugs, so this would be right up my alley to keep my husband from drinking out of my coffee cups!

bistro french press, $29.99

There is nothing like coffee freshly brewed from a french press.  If you have not drank a cup of coffee from a french press you are missing out on the true essence of what coffee should taste like.  This is the perfect gift for the coffee drinker in your life.

his & hers old-fashioned set and ours decanter, $100 each

I love Kate Spade’s cute ‘his & hers’ novelty gifts at Macy’s and this decanter set does not disappoint.  This is a great piece to dress up your favorite couple’s bar.

oven mitt and baking gadgets, $9.99-$12.99

These little kitchen baking ware is darling from Martha Stewart.  Although I love items like these, I would rarely go out to buy something like this for myself.  With this price point, you can surely go on pinterest and find out how to create a kitchen ware basket to display these cute trinkets in.


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