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2015 was the year of the classic man … Men really stepped their game and their style up to a new level. Fashion for men took on a new meaning and that continues in 2016. Every man deserves to have quality clothing and 8/Omakase delivers just that.


8/omakase is a subscription box made to measure clothing brand and service for men. Taken from the  term often used in sushi restaurants where the customer entrusts the chef to serve as he sees best, omakase relieves the burden of choice away from the novice and onto the expert. Subscribers receive 2 boxes per quarter with 2-4 pieces of custom tailored to their own measurement, guaranteeing the perfect fit. Custom pieces include dress shirts , casual shirts, pants, jackets, sweaters and accessories.

Ever wanted your own personal stylist? Well, 8/omakase is almost just like that..you get to expert opinion of someone that will make sure you have a guaranteed spectacular look without the burden of having to decide or go shopping yourself.

Deliveries take four to six weeks and customers should expect between two and four items per box. Guys trust me when we say 8/omakase is a must have.

For more information about 8/Omakase, click here.

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