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Kontrol Homme Hits The Floor With Rob Riley

Kontrol Homme Hits The Floor With Rob Riley

“Tall, dark, and handsome” is what the world has traditionally demanded in its most basic leading men.  Lately, however that just does not seem to be enough.  A leading man has to also be dashing, captivating, and inspiring—a real “man’s man.” Few fit these new demands, and even fewer understand the game of the entertainment industry; that the real key to dominating it is versatility and longevity. Thankfully the Hollywood gods twisted fate to deliver us not only a true leading man, but a Renaissance Man in Rob Riley! Rob Riley, the man we know and love from VH-1’s hit series, Hit The Foor sat down with Kontrol Homme, to give us the details of the highly anticipated third season of his show, his upcoming projects, the secret to his amazing physique, and even dispelled and explains a few of those juicy rumors floating around the social media universe. Twitter much?

Rob Riley for Kontrol Homme/Kontrol Magazine


Rob is definitely one of those actors who has been in so many shows that you already feel like you know him. Although he currently stars in Hit The Floor as captain of the Los Angeles Devils, “Terrence Wall,” he has also appeared in television shows like Victorious, For Better or Worse, Single Ladies, and Nurse Jackie; and had movie roles in The Bourne Legacy, The Turtle,  and Lifetime’s Seasons of Love.  Amazingly, and true to his craft, no two of his roles are alike. He has been everything from a high school security guard to a jaded, HIV positive man! “I’m acting! I’m doing what the role demands which is my best effort…I manage to keep working by being open to different roles, knowing the industry, and knowing what to accept and what to turn down…Some things you definitely just have to steer clear of [he laughs].”

Rob Riley for Kontrol Homme/Kontrol Magazine
Rob Riley for Kontrol Homme/Kontrol Magazine

Thankfully, the role of Terrence was not one he turned down. As the leading man of the show he has been one of the main reasons fans, both male and female, are tuned into the show. Sure, he is eye candy, but he is eye candy that can truly act, and that makes all the difference! Surprisingly, he is rather modest about being one of the show’s sex symbols. “It’s nice to be loved, that’s for sure but I want people to be able to relate to him [Terrence]…a lot of the stories, especially the ones he is dealing with are things actual athletes have done or are doing to make it in their profession….” Rob’s words ring true. As you may recall Terrence took an illegal pain medication to deal with his injured knee in order to win his final championship, then he watched as his friend mentally deteriorated while suffering from sports-related traumatic brain injury. The latter topic put Hit The Floor at the forefront of this issue, making it one of the first television shows to discuss it. This season, Rob discloses, Terrence will be in transition. “He is transitioning to life after basketball. So there’s a big adjustment there. He and Jelena [Logan Browning] are back together and things are going to get really interesting…”

Rob Riley for Kontrol Homme/Kontrol Magazine
Rob Riley for Kontrol Homme/Kontrol Magazine

Rob discloses that he really loved the storylines from the last season and even found Zero and Jude’s romance to be interesting. “We really did not find out about them [Zero and Jude] until we were reading the script and I was just like ‘ok they’re gay…’ It did not bother me at all. I’m secure with my sexuality and that actually happens. You have gay athletes. I just feel it is really a shame that it has to even be so taboo. I mean it’s 2015, people just need to get over it…” However, he admits that German being Olivia’s murderer did catch him off guard. “The writers are amazing! I mean none of us saw that coming. When it happened I was just like ‘Ooh!’” Naturally, he cannot tell us what becomes of German or even his rekindled relationship with Ahsha, but he does dispel a few rumors that have the Twitterverse abuzz!

The rumor mill is churning and it alleges the reason there was such a long hiatus between the second and third seasons was due to a real lovechild between Rob and Logan! Rob laughed the rumor off (almost hilariously). “No I don’t have any children and she [Logan] and I definitely don’t have any…They may be referring to a plot in this upcoming season…a woman accuses Terrence of being the father of her child, and you know Jelena ain’t having that! [He laughs]” Another persisting rumor is his alleged feud with Hit The Floor co-star, McKinley Freeman that came to blows! Rob quickly killed that nasty rumor by showing us his phone with a GroupMe group between he, McKinley, and Adam Senn (Zero). There you see clear conversations of them being goofy guys who just love to hang out and seem to be genuine friends. “He [McKinley Freeman] and I are brothers. They’re absolutely off on that one…” Finally, the most amazing rumor is that he will have a major role in Marvel Comics’ new Netflix series, Luke Cage. He is allegedly set to portray the supervillain, Tombstone! Mr. Riley definitely wishes this one rumor was true. “I haven’t heard anything about that, but if there’s any truth to it I’m all for it. I’d definitely like to work with Marvel, they’re doing some really amazing things over there…” Rob, does however, confirm he will in a number of movies in 2016 and is working on a show for the Travel Channel that will specialize in carnivals around the world. “Most people don’t know it but I love carnivals! I’m a really silly guy who likes to have fun and they are just my speed.”

Rob Riley for Kontrol Homme/Kontrol Magazine
Rob Riley for Kontrol Homme/Kontrol Magazine


“Now if we’re talking bodies” then everyone would agree he’s got a perfect one. Yes, we too were dying to hear his fitness secrets and special tips, but his are as generic as they come. “Well I have always been athletic and I’ve pretty much just maintained that. I play basketball, go running, watch what I eat, and lift weights—just the usual stuff. So there’s really no big secret I just make sure I take the time to get in the gym.” We agree when it comes to Rob, thy gym has definitely done his body good. You just be sure to catch him and that amazing physique of his steam up the screen on the latest season of Hit The Floor that debuted last night on VH1 !

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning

Shot by : Corey Guevarra, Groomer: Kwame Waters, Stylist: Julian Lark & Sakeya Donaldson , Hair Stylist Leatha Morgan, MUA: Shenelle Mays-Smith

Shot at Clubbei


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