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Kontrol Homme: Meet Hollywoods Next Leading Man Tye White

Kontrol Homme: Meet Hollywoods Next Leading Man Tye White

From ABC’s Family Series “Pretty Little Liars” to VH1’s “Mixology” to landing an unforgettable lead role in “Drumline 2: A New Beat”, then on to several other key roles in different films, Actor Tye White continues to gracefully execute each role he plays in a manner that speaks volumes of his ability. A truly gifted actor who continues to stun us with his versatility and skill on the big screen and understands that working hard to get to where you want to go produces results. To date, we have seen Tye bring his characters to life by drawing us in to his creative work only to anticipate greater in his projects to follow. Simply put, proof is in the pudding! For those of you that may not know it, one of the latest shows Tye was a part of is CBS’s “NCIS: Los Angeles” where he played the character of Aiden Hanna as son to LL Cool J’s NCIS character Sam Hanna.

Tye White Kontrol magazine/Kontrol Homme
Tye White Kontrol magazine/Kontrol Homme

As a matter of fact, followers of the show can expect a reprise of his character in the upcoming season of NCIS. These are but a few of the actor’s accomplishments that have made way for his two current projects set to debut early 2016. Recently, we had the opportunity to interview Tye here in Atlanta to get the inside scoop on his latest projects. For a little more than two months now, Tye has been in town filming for the new OWN’s series “Greenleaf” which he says is set to air around May of 2016. Greenleaf centers around the Greenleaf Ministries family, their mega ministry and some of the real things that go on in the church and how to cope with it. Tye says it’s purely entertainment and not indicative of what happens in every church per se. He will play the role of Kevin Satterlee who is the son-in-law of the pastor seeking to preside over the church along with his wife when their dad retires.

Tye White Kontrol magazine/Kontrol Homme

Tye explains how humbled and honored he is to be on the set as co-star to Oprah Winfrey and shares how she has not only inspired him as an actor, but that she along with other iconic celebrity actors Lynn Whitfield and Keith David, have been a great encouragement to him during the filming of the show. He shares how he has always been one to draw inspiration from family, music and film. Tye further shares about his experiences working with Oprah saying, “Sometimes you meet people that you admire and they do not live up to the expectation. But she exceeded it and is so humble and gracious that it shocked me, literally!” He goes on to share about another big miniseries by Ryan Murphy which he’s been working on called “American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson” which aired on Fox this month.

Tye White Kontrol magazine/Kontrol Homme
Tye White Kontrol magazine/Kontrol Homme

In this series of The People vs. OJ Simpson, Tye will play the intricate role of OJ’s son Jason Simpson. Tye explains how he had to do extensive research and really study Jason Simpson thoroughly through actual footage and real-life reports. He shares how the challenge in executing such a role is to make sure that you don’t allow your own opinion to cloud your ability to bring the character to life by also making sure that you take heed to the producers’ critique in order to do the story fair justice on screen. Tye gives the analogy between athleticism and acting. He explains that without opportunity, training and preparing is virtually insignificant. He states, “You can practice as much as you want just like with auditioning and training, but you won’t really know what you can do until you get in the game. And you have to test yourself.”

Tye White Kontrol magazine/Kontrol Homme
Tye White Kontrol magazine/Kontrol Homme

Prior to our speaking together about his current endeavors and experiences, Tye had a professional photo captured by Celebrity Photographer Will Sterling and styled by Kontrol Magazine Founder, Julian Lark in an amazing retro-vintage style loft and balcony located just outside of downtown. When asked how he would describe his personal style and the importance of personal image before people, Tye shared how he is a huge sneaker head and that he often times builds an outfit from the feet up. He shares how whatever he wears, he puts thought into it beforehand and wants to be sure it makes sense and fits right. Just glancing at some of the pre-shots of Tye from the day, I would definitely describe his style as a type of modern urban and when dressed up, a classic modern type aesthetic. Charm and looks are but a small part of this great guy, but more than that, he is one with a glowing personality and brotherly presence that I’m absolutely certain the world will come to know and admire in the days ahead.

Greenleaf premieres May 24 – 25th 2016 on OWN to broadcast following on Wednesday nights at 10PM. For more info on Actor Tye White, follow via Instagram and Twitter @wewanttyewhite.

Whitten By Brian Hampton

Photographer: Will sterling

Stylist: Julian R. Lark

Mua: Shenelle Mays-Smith

First look credits: Pants by: International Concepts, Shirt by: International Concepts Jacket by: Guess, and Shoes by: Radii Footwear

Second look credits: Pants by: International Concepts, Shirt by: International Concepts, Jacket by: International Concepts, and Shoes by: Nike

Third look credits: Pants by: Zara Men, Shirt by: Zara Men Jacket by: Zara Men and Shoes by: Radii Footwear


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