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Kontrol Homme: Menswear Spring/Summer 2024

Kontrol Homme: Menswear Spring/Summer 2024

The menswear collections this spring/summer season caught me by surprise. I think everyone understands that the needle of progression rarely shifts for menswear. It was funny at one point, now I find it somewhat frustrating. This may come off like a dig—but I promise it’s not. Frustrating that many of the runway collections I’ve seen simply lack. They lack everything that would hold my attention. I could offer my own excuses of why I think this happens–but I won’t. However a designer chooses to express their idea-there’s excuse for being boring. When I’m watching a runway show, I want to be inspired. I want to be captivated by what the creative process led you to. I suppose Tina Knowles said it best “everybody deserves a touch of couture.” A little can go a long way if you have the right vision. That’s what I look for in menswear. A little vision coupled with progression.

The Spring/Summer 2024 menswear collections caught my eye, each for specific reasons.


Bad-boys don’t have to be rugged. That was my first impression of Saint Laurent’s spring/summer 2024 menswear collection. To give you a visual, think Cowboy Bebop with a touch of Tuxedo Mask. My throwback anime lovers know what I mean. This was a dark, mildly edgy, and softly glamours menswear collection.

Dior Spring Summer Menswear 2024

Talk about a runway show that didn’t miss the mark. Dior spring/summer 2024 menswear collection is on this blog for a reason. The presentation alone is noteworthy. Motionless models emerging from illuminating tiles at the center of a futuristic, monochromatic room. Like Saint Laurent, Dior seemed to follow a similar path of experimenting with soft-glam this season, however these guys don’t run with the bad boys because they send the memos. Jeweled cardigans and semi-relaxed suiting were a few of my favorite parts of this show.

Fendi Spring Summer Menswear Runway 2024

Fendi spring/summer 2024 menswear collection was deliciously imaginative. This collection was a futuristic and upscale take on vintage workforce attire. Tool belts, lab coats, boxy work bags and oversized jackets all played into this colorful collection, reviving and reinventing familiar looks. After seeing this collection, if someone were to aske me what I thought the future of fashion might look like-I’d be forced to say this brand’s name. Fendi spring/summer menswear 2024 collection gave me what I was asking for, a glimpse into what’s next.

Lowe Spring Menswear 2024

I suspect that on some level the spring/summer 2024 menswear collection from Loewe was an undercover ode to David Bowie. Sparkles, accompanied  by chic, slouchy knits  were the main element featured here and are the most memorable part of the collection. I’m more excited about this collection because of what you can do with individual pieces to achieve other looks oppose to the collection holistically. This isn’t a bad thing, just an observation.

Casablanca Paris Spring Summer 2024

Casablanca spring/summer 2024 collection was nothing short of fast, hot and sexy. Relaxed and colorful looks draw inspiration from the collection’s Jamaican/island influence. Casablanca carries for both men and women. I love this brand’s use of color and print. Likely my favorite collection of the spring/summer 2024 menswear season, Casablanca has me excited to see what’s next.

Kenzo Spring Summer 2024


The Kenzo spring/summer 2024 collection was relaxed, stylishly practical and masterfully minimalist. With options for both men and women, this was an upscale collection celebrating simplistic and uncomplicated style for the everyday person. This was easily one of my favorite collections this season.

Dsquared Spring Summer 2024

Dsquared Spring Summer 2024

Dsquared Spring Summer 2024

Dsquared2 collection straddled the fence for me. Nonetheless, this collection had some pieces that I felt stood out individually. Simply put, this isn’t a collection for someone with a minimalist sense of personal style. Dsquared2’s spring/summer 2024 collection was a highly sexualized one, however I appreciated the designer’s sense of apparent humor incorporated in the runway show. Click here to watch the video.

Ferragamo Spring Summer 2024

Ferragamo was among the names that explored minimalism as well this season. As much as I liked the Ferragamo spring/summer 2024 collection, a part of me felt the designer played it on the side. The man-bag was featured heavily here  and was among the more notable additions that I believe will be trending this fall.


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