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It’s hard keeping up with the latest new music videos since they barely get any exposure on television. The high definition video app, Vevo, offers a 24 hour music video channel within the app which is sure to solve the problem of missing out on hot new music videos!


There are some videos that have quietly made their way on to the scene that are very much worth the watch!


The Lonely Island ft Pharrell “Hugs”


This hip-hop heavy track is so real and too trill to skip. This song is about how a simple hug can be misconstrued to mean something more. “This hug world is just a huge game of thrones”. The ‘should-be’ chart topper is fresh off the comedic group’s 3rd masterpiece “The Wack Album”. The song and video features the ladies’ man himself, Pharrell Williams. He’s trying to snatch himself up a cougar in this video.

Check out the video below:




M.I.A “Double Bubble Trouble” – This video is a fusion of several different cultures. The song has a little bit of a reggae vibe with some signature Indian instrumental assistance. It mixes house music synthesizer with hip-hop grudge.  The video directed by M.I.A is sexy, trippy, and raw. The excitingly dangerous video concept matches the song perfectly.

Another video below:




This song is already blowing up but it just has to be mentioned. R&B and pop veteran, Usher, has released a sexy new video and song called “Good Kisser”. The video features an array of colorful, luscious lips and gorgeous women, with Top Model Contestant Felicia ‘Fo’ Porter as Usher’s main lady. Usher blesses our eyes with several shirtless scenes (my favorite being him playing the drums…*sigh*), and entertains us with a stellar routine which features dancing superstar, Kalyn Harris.

Video Below:


There’s dozens of new releases that need to be exposed to the world! What are some of your favorite new releases?

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