Kontrol Your Style – Get the Look for Less: Rihanna

Rihanna was in Atlanta this weekend for her launch of her first cologne, Rogue Man, at Macy’s in Lenox wearing Adam Selman.  She went for an easy and boho chic inspired look with a crop top embellished with pearls and a white-trimmed loose fitting maxi skirt.  She topped off her look with a white-trimmed jacket.  We like this look because it is so easy and comfortable for the bi-polar weather that we have been experiencing in Atlanta lately.

When taking your crop tops and long maxi skirts into the Fall, you want to make sure you have a layering piece, if not several like Rihanna did with her light jacket.  This gives you the option of taking it off when you get warm or putting it on when you are cool.

So you want to rock this look? Check out how to ‘Kontrol Your Style’ below!


Rihanna’s Look for Less

Above we have added all of the key elements of Rihanna’s outfit with the flowing maxi and crop top with detail at the bottom.  If you are having a hard time replicating a look because you can’t find a key piece to copy, you might need to move out of your department and borrow something from the boys.  I always shop in my Husband’s closet for little odds and ends to complete my look.  Here, we are taking a cardigan with white trim, which will work perfectly as a shawl or layering piece as Rihanna used it in her look.  Another trick is to take a classic black button up pajama top with white trim and use that to get more of the white piping detail that Rihanna has in her look.



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