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KONTROL Mompreneur Promo with Toya Wright

KONTROL Mompreneur


  THE “DOUX”   When you’re in the store and looking to purchase new hair products. What determines your purchase? Is it the packaging, price, issue with your hair, or maybe a suggestion from a friend. With so many options on the shelf, is it hard to make a decision? Or do you know exactly… / READ MORE /

Mother’s Day Gift Guide-2020

Mother’s Day is approaching. Here are 5 gift ideas. Let’s keep it fun, fresh, and stylish this year!           1.DEVA ’90’s POP Women’s Sneakers  2. Lip Gloss Trio  3.Unique Handcrafted Beautiful Necklaces     4. Key Socks  5.  Midnight in Harlem        6. Effortless Robe      Thank you!!! Happy… / READ MORE /

Work From Home: How To Stay Focused, Happy, and Mentally Healthy.

Work From Home: How To Stay Focused, Happy, and Mentally Healthy In light of the coronavirus pandemic – many of us are working from home. In fact, many of us contemplate careers from there! And working from home (long-term) seems like a good goal to strive for. After all, you’re in control of your schedule,… / READ MORE /

All Hail the King: How Ashley Ann Built a Digital Marketing Empire

Multi-millionaire social media strategist, business builder and digital marketing expert King Ashley Ann shares her challenges and secrets of success with Kontrol Magazine. It is possible that you don’t know the name King Ashley Ann, but you should. This southern gal turned business mogul is turning everyday African American women and men into successful queens… / READ MORE /

The best Mommy & Me Spring Sneakers of 2020

WHAT SNEAKERS ARE YOU ROCKING IN 2020???   As spring is approaching your family’s attire is changing. Purchasing sneakers that can be worn with different outfits is very important because your footwear says a lot about your personality and style. Some of us like classic over trendy. Which one are you? As fashion evolves, we’re… / READ MORE /

GLOWING with Mrs. Daye the curator of the premium BONNETS.

The moment you decide to go into business for yourself is a very pivotal moment. It is filled with emotions and many uncertainties. The ultimate goal of going into business is to create a solution for a problem. Of course, we all want to have financial gain and be able to provide for ourselves and… / READ MORE /

Who is “HER”: Meet Xocoya she’s a fashionable wife, mother and master planner.

You may know her as Xocoya on social media. She’s a fashionable mommy, wife, and Owner of ‘Her Kloset’ in Atlanta, Ga. I recently got the opportunity to engage in a conversation with her. An get the inside scoop on how she’s accomplishing motherhood and her transition from L.A. back to Atlanta while still managing… / READ MORE /

Zahra Bentham stars in Netflix’s Madam C. J. Walker Series: Self Made

  Like the other arts singing and writing, acting is another potent art. But unlike the other listed mediums, the universal language of acting is an art that connects a chain of raw emotions and visualization into storytelling. “I wanted to be a part of this and tell her amazing story,” Zahra told me during… / READ MORE /

The Lovely Shay Lawson: Attorney to some of your favorite Celebrities and Influencers

Everybody wants to be an influencer. But many don’t know all that comes with the title “Influencer”. What makes you want to influence? Do you just want to make money? Or do you really feel you are capable of influencing and being of value to the companies that will pay you? Influencer:     •    A person or thing… / READ MORE /


When asked, “What four adjectives would your husband use to describe you?” Tahirah, the short hair beauty, “responded: “powerful, focused, goal-driven, and kind.” With adjectives like that, who wouldn’t want to learn more about this beautiful woman.   I saw Tahirah when I first moved to Atlanta,Ga. It was her haircut and style that caught my… / READ MORE /

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