Kontrol Your Style: Shirley & Charmaine

Today’s edition of Kontrol Your Style features two fashion bloggers with great style.  Both women have a very unique, signature look that work perfectly for them. Learn more about the Kontrol Your Style features for the day, Shirley and Charmaine.


Fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger Shirley B. Eniang shows us how to make a solid color palette work.  Her love affair with solids has not gone unnoticed, as a matter of fact, it’s become her signature look.  Her take on simplicity is very bold.  She manages to make a statement without excessive jewelry and accessories.  It’s as if Shirley markets herself as the statement.  Take a look at some of my favorite looks from the blogger.  Are you feeling her style?

Kontrol your style shirley kontrol mag

Kontrol your style shirley kontrol mag 1 Kontrol your style shirley kontrol mag 2


Style and beauty Vlogger Charmaine Daudu mixes her love for prints and bold statement pieces.  Solids, mixed prints, accessories and wigs; you name it, she’s tried it.  No matter what she wears, it always seems to work for her.  Charmaine, affectionately known as Charmsie on instagram, is also a DIY queen.  She often embellishes her jeans or shoes to make a bolder statement.  Take a look at Charmaine’s style.  Do you like her look?

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Marsha Badger

Freelance writer, fashion enthusiast and owner of MarshBar's Closet, Marsha Badger offers her spin on what's trending in the fashion industry. The Brooklyn native specializes in showing you how to look good for less. Specializing in event coverage, celebrity interviews and guidance on how to recreate celebrity looks, Marsha proudly contributes her insight to Kontrol Magazine.

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