#KontrolApproved: Holiday Gift Guide for the Men In Your Life

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The Holiday season is here, and people are scrambling to collect gifts for all of their loved ones. Most of you may have found that it’s hard to decide what to get for the men in your life. Fortunately, we’ve provided a holiday gift guide filled with items that male loved ones will enjoy.  We’re sure that one of these items will make a suitable gift for any man. Take a look and decide what the “he” in your life would like.

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TOAST Real Wood MacBook Cover, $59

TOAST Real Wood MacBook Cover

TOAST has provided a laptop cover for MacBook Pro users that adds grip, protection, and style. They’re laser-cut with precision to fit every angle like a glove. The wood grain is hand finished three times to give the pattern a lively feel. Purchasers can even get a matching wood bottom to dress up the entire outer shell of your laptop. Covers are available for all styles of MacBook Pros and two styles of MacBook Air.

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Doshi FCSA Backpack, $159

Doshi FCSA Backpack

Modern professionals deserve to have a quality bag to carry all of the things that get them through the day. Doshi FCSA’s backpack is a simple and clean bag that features high-quality construction, microfiber leather and nylon shell, and a laptop compartment.  Doshi FCSA specializes

Braun S3 Shave and Style Rechargeable Electric Razor

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Braun S3 Shave and Style Rechargeable Electric Razor, $79.99

The Braun Series 3 Shave & Style rechargeable electric razor is a 3-in-1 grooming tool that provides clean and precise beard styling. it comes with 5 comb attachments and an additional head. The Microcomb technology used gives men an even trim and precise edge faster than the average electric razor.

 ZIRH  Protect Facial Conditioner

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ZIRH Protect Facial Conditioner, $32.50

This Daily skin conditioner replenishes the vitamins needed to reverse aging and improve texture. Good for normal and oily skin, it moisturizes to fight the negative effects of free radicals that come from environmental pollution and sun damage.

SWIMS Storm Chelsea

Holiday Gift Guide
Storm Chelsea boots by SWIM

The Storm Chelsea are waterproof casual footwear perfect for the winter. They combine advanced technology and urban style to provide light and flexible leisure footwear. The waterproof membrane will keep your feet warm and dry.

Adidas Progressor C Goggles

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Adidas Progressor C Goggles, $160

The Adidas Progressor C Goggles are perfect for protecting your face from the weather or just wanting to up your style. They’re meant for providing crystal clear vision in the most vision impairing weather conditions; such as rain or snow. However, why limit these bad boys to wet and cold weather when you can use them to add an extra flair to your outfit.

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Scotch Porter has worked very hard to bring men quality grooming products for their beards, hair, faces, and skin. That’s why for the holidays they’ve decided to “Buy One Get One Free” sale to all of their customers until November 30th. Choose from any one of their products and accessories to give the man you love two great items that he can use daily.

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