#KontrolApproved Model Off Duty: Julian Woodhouse

Julian Woodhouse
Julian Woodhouse, courtesy of Instagram

Julian Woodhouse isn’t your typical model. The 27-year-old is not only a stylist and designer but also an officer in the United States Army.

A handsome face and an amazingly lean body are the trademarks of Julian as a model. His military lifestyle has definitely had an impact on the way he keeps up his physique. It’s also a staple in his day to day style.

Julian Woodhouse
Courtesy of Instagram

No, Julian is not the type to walk around wearing camouflage print or noticeable military associated attire. However, he is the type to keep a t-shirt or tank top, denim short, and sneakers on hand. That’s because he’s an active guy, who also likes to be outdoors.

Julian also has an affinity for vintage Hawaiian shirts. His time based in predominately Asian countries might have something to do with it. However, it’s more likely that you’ll catch him running around in activewear rather than leisuring in Hawaiian prints.


Originally an army brat, Julian has lived in many different cities and later enlisted himself in the armed forces. While serving he decided to dip his toe into the modeling world, and eventually became a fashion stylist. Not too long ago he launched his own Wood House, a menswear brand that services the modern male consumer.

Julian Woodhouse
Courtesy of Instagram

Most would assume that his time in fashion and new title as a designer would mean that he spends most of his time in glamorous high fashion clothing. These people would be sadly mistaken. Julian’s clothing line Wood House, features fashionable activewear for the modern male consumer.

With five collections under its belt and a sixth coming out for Spring/Summer 2018, Wood House produces a lot of unique designs for everyday men. These men aren’t looking to show off at the next gala or high society mixer. Instead, they’re running around New York City in high-waisted trousers that cut off at the ankle, sweatshirts, shorts, and jackets. Which is also similar to the way that Julian dresses himself.




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