#KontrolApproved New Faces for 2018

Going into 2018, there a couple of guys that we want you to keep your eye out for. These young men have entered the modeling world and started careers that will continue to flourish in the new year. None of them are hard on the eyes either, which is a major plus.

Check out our New Faces for 2018

New Faces for 2018
Alton Mason @altonmason

Alton Mason

Alton Mason might be new to modeling, but he’s been in entertainment for years. He started off as a dancer in Los Angeles and is now a staple model for Gucci. Alton’s career started off two years ago when he was discovered to be in the Yeezy Season 3 fashion show.

New Faces for 2018
Brian Whittaker @brianhwhittaker

Brian Whittaker

17-year-old British model Brian Whittaker was once just a regular teenage on Instagram. He was put on to the modeling by another model who found his account. This year he was featuring in a campaing for Coach

New Faces for 2018
Presley Gerber @presleygerber

Presley Gerber

Son of Cindy Crawford and brother of popular rising model Kaia Gerber, Presley Gerber is destined for model greatness. This year he started his career off strong walking for Balmain, Burberry, and Tommy Hilfiger. Though he has some catching up to do compared to his family members, Presley is already on the fast track to becoming the next top male model.

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