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Halloween is right around the corner and Kontrol is bringing you some simple makeup looks! As long as you got the look the costume will flow. Some of our favorite YouTuber’s have shown us these simple quick looks so it will be an ease to replicate. The costumes everyone is duplicating are Haley Quinn, Lions, Pop Art, and dark Vampires. You don’t need to go out and spend any extra money! These looks can be down with the makeup you have. Watch these to tutorials to get a step by step looks on how to the looks can be done.

haley quinnHarley Quinn @analidialopess

Harley Quinn is known as a fictional supervillain! She made her first appearance in batman as the Jokers girlfriend. This year Suicide Squad remade the look of Harley Quinn and everyone fell in love! This is one of the top Halloween costumes this year. YouTuber Ana Lídia Lopes recreated this gorgeous look and you can see the steps she took below.

Lion @sonjdradeluxelion

The lion is one of the big cats in the family Felidae. It’s often known as an African Lion due to its species dominated the continent. Sonjdra is a Makeup Artist based out of Vancouver, Canada. She considers makeup as a decoration and self-appreciation. Watch Youtuber Sonjdradeluxe recreate this look below.


Pop Art @KathrynBedell

Pop Art Makeup is great if you’re looking for a bold look. The bold primary colors, exaggerated contour, and the 3D look is great for a woman that want to stand out. The looks are inspired by DC Comics strips. Below you will see Makeup Artist andYoutuber Kathryn Bedell recreate this bomb look.

Vampire @Ellarievamp

Vampires have been around for centuries. From Twilight to Vampire Dairies they are always the go-to costume for Halloween. Vampires are known in legends and mythologies, they are considered to be unreal! However, YouTuber Ellaire recreated the most real look we’ve seen. Head to her instagram to see a step by step look. Below is a Vamp glam look of here.


Written by @leahgordone

Images by @analidialopess  @sonjdradeluxe @KathrynBedell @Ellarie

Leah Gordone

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