Gigi-nails-large_trans++qVzuuqpFlyLIwiB6NTmJwfSVWeZ_vEN7c6bHu2jJnT8 From top model Gigi Hadid to the world talented entertainer Beyonce, chrome nails are now killing it in the Fall. Have you wondered how they achieved this look? Model Hadid admitted to spending over $2000 for her chrome manicure! Today, we are here to help you do it yourself. You can achieve this look many ways from polish to powder products. A lot of people wonder what’s inside the powder that makes your nails shine like mirrors. The mirror reflected nail powder actually are FDA approved and safe for the nails, even skin.Metallic-Nail-Art-06

Even though you see every celebrity in the game wearing this. Korean beauty blogger Alicia Yoon was one of the first to try the trend and introduce it to her following on her social networks. Yoon uploaded a photograph of a set of crystal-encrusted nails and showed how to achieve this look the affordable way. Below you will see a video on how to achieve the chromed out look!



You should use any product of choice with a tack-free soak off gel topcoat. For your best and long lasting results, it’s good to apply over nail enhancements.

  1. Apply your favorite color gel polish to the nails or enhancements. Do two coats if necessary.
  2. Apply any Metallic Topcoat. Place to dry for 30 seconds in an LED light or 60 seconds in a UV light.
  3. Apply the chrome powder using the silicone tools, your gloved fidscnger, or a sponge applicator. Apply lots of pressure and rub until it’s perfectly smooth with no shimmer.
  4. Clean any excess product from around the nail using a nail brush, lint-free wipe, or your table towel.
  5. Topcoat using the same tack-free soak off gel topcoat.
  6. Apply a hard gel over the enhancement.

Written by @leahgordone

Leah Gordone

Executive Beauty Director

Leah Gordone is an published writer and full-time content contributor to YouTube and Kontrol Magazine. She has been known for her beauty videos, college vlogs and crazy storytime videos on YouTube. Not only is she a rising star in the cyber world but she is also an educator. Gordone has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communications and Speech and upon completion of a Master's in Education in School Counseling. Instagram/Twitter/YouTube @leahgordone

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