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#KontrolReads Behind Every Boss There’s a Bae 2: Chrissy, His Woman, His Wife

#KontrolReads Behind Every Boss There’s a Bae 2: Chrissy, His Woman, His Wife

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Honesty and respect propelled Chucky and Chrissy to the top of their game. Love, money, and power was the antidote that had them ruling the streets on the west side of Detroit. But things aren’t always so sweet when you allow a snake in your garden. His connect, the notorious Luke “Battle” Kent, introduces his son, Sly, to the game and Chucky takes him under his wing. However, Chrissy has a bad feeling about Sly, but Chucky’s loyalty to Battle makes him go against Chrissy wishes. This turns out to be the beginning of what would not only test their love, but crumple the empire they have built.
When Chucky is hospitalized by a suspicious overdose, Chrissy jumps into place to hold her man down. Her suspicion about Sly is confirmed when he reveals his plans to take over Chucky’s reign as the Boss of Detroit. With her loyalty to Chucky stronger than ever, Chrissy vows to take Sly and everyone involved in his little ploy down, even if it means destroying their kingdom in the process.




On the way home Chucky was deep in thought, He didn’t know how to address Chrissy. He glanced over at her while she fixed her make-up, complaining how smeared her make-up was. Chucky smiled at how beautiful she was and even with her issues he loved her with all his heart. Chrissy felt his stare. She lifted the mirror and laughed, “What’s wrong with you Big Head?”
“Huh?” Chucky said.
“Duh…. You staring like you watching a movie.” Chrissy laughed.
“Oh! Ummm I was just admiring how beautiful you are.” Chucky shyly said.
“Boy, gon’ with that, you swear you a mack, save that for your little chicken heads!” Chrissy joked.
Chucky knew that he had to be talking to Beany, she was the fun comical side of Chrissy. This switching in and out of personality was going to take some getting use to but he liked the interchange.
“You hungry?” Chucky asked.
“Yeah, I could eat, let’s go to Lou’s Deli and get a David Drip, some fries and some banana pudding!” Beany said as she rubbed her flat belly.
“Lou’s Deli it is!” Chucky chuckled as he shook his head, “Girl, you are so greedy, I have no idea where you put it.”
“Just get me something to eat!’ Beany said as she slapped him in the back of his head.
They stopped by the deli and got their food to go. They decided to sit on the patio and enjoy their food. The sun was setting and it was a warm 80-degree summer evening. Chucky lite up a blunt and passed it to Beany. Chucky joked with Beany about getting spit on the tip of his blunt, “Hey don’t get my blunt wet with those big ole’ soup coolers of yours!” Beany rolled her eyes and took a deep pull, passing it back to Chucky. Chucky took slow drags watching Beany enjoy the high that was taking over her. He looked up at the sky and thanked God for her and asked him to give him patient and strength to do right by her. Looking over at Chucky, she took in his essence from his neat dreads, smooth skin and strong arms. Her body quivered at the thought of her being in his arms. Chucky felt her stare and licked his lips, “Now who’s staring like they watching a movie?”
Beany stood up, walked over to him and pried his legs open with hers. Chucky spread his legs invitingly. Getting on her knees she unbuttoned his pants and pulled out his already erect member, never breaking her stare. Chucky anticipated her soup coolers that he had just teased her about. Chucky stared in her eyes and saw a change in her stare, he saw lust. He now knew the difference between Chrissy and Beany. Chucky grabbed her by her hair with both of his hands and guided her down to his dick. She licked and sucked his dick like a popscicle. Sucking on the head, engulfing him in one long stroke, sliding her tongue down the sides and nibbling on his nuts. Chucky shiver in his nuts as he felt himself ready to explode. Beany had him whimpering like a little girl. Beany pulled him from the chair into a stand and leaned her body back to the ground as she pulled Chucky on top of her. Chucky got into a push up position and slowly stroked her mouth. She grabbed his ass, holding him in place as she went to work on him. Chucky went to work on her mouth like it was her pussy. She opened her throat to oblige him. Chucky couldn’t take the assault on his dick anymore and tried to pull out to release himself, but Beany grabbed his ass to keep him in place, deep throated his whole dick as she ran he tongue over his nuts. Tears formed in his eyes as he squeezed them tight, he pumped furiously, tightened his ass, taking long strokes. Not being able to hold out any longer he released in her mouth as Beany continued to suck and swallow every drop of him. Chucky grabbed his dick, the shocks that shot through him weakening him and had him feeling light headed. Beany massaged his nuts as she glared up at Chucky with a sinister grin on her face. She knew she just fucked his world up. Chucky couldn’t gather his mind, body and soul together, she had truly wiped him out. The only thing that he could think was, “FUCK! SHE SUCKED THE SHIT OUT MY DICK! FUCK!” as his body continued to shake.
The vibration of his phone snapped him out of his thoughts. He just remembered that he turned his phone off when her entered Dr. Biggs office. Looking down at his phone, he had several missed calls and a couple of text. He opened his text from Stix, his pick up man. His job was to pick up the money from every trap house and keep the trap houses supplied. Chucky grimace at the text messages:
“CRAZI 8’s MONEY WAS FUCKED UP FOR THE SECOND TIME! I DIDN’T LEAVE ANY CUP CAKES BECAUSE HE’S STILL SHORT FROM THE LAST TIME AND HE HAD THE NERVE TO TALK SHIT! HE SAID YOU WILL GET YOUR MONEY WHEN HE GIVES IT TO YOU!! HIS BAKERY IS SHUT DOWN, WHAT YOU WANT ME TO DO?” Chucky mumbled “This nigga is starting to be a problem!” Chucky started gathering his clothes as he ran to clean himself up. When he returned, Beany was nowhere to be founded. He texted Stix as he walked to his car: “I WILL HANDLE IT!!!”
Chucky jumped in his car and was shocked to see Beany sitting in the passenger seat. She had pulled her hair back in a ponytail and changed into a pair of leather pants with a short crop jacket and some combat boots. Her face was stern and serious but even then she was beautiful. Chucky started shaking his head no. “Bae, what you doing? You can’t go with me I got to go handle some business.”
“I’m going with you cause you need back up, I’m your ride or die nigga, this bitch fuckin’ up the money yo’ let’s go twist this nigga’s cap back!” She snapped.
Staring deeply in her eyes Chucky noticed how cold they were. They were the eyes of a killer, he no longer saw Chrissy the soft conservative diva he fell in love with, he no longer saw the sexy fun loving Beany that just sucked his dick like a porn star, he saw a stone cold soldier, Cola.
Chucky ran the idea through his mind. He knew he had a woman that was down for him in so many ways, she was everything he needed in one women. She had three distinct personalities, a wife, a sex kitten and a gangster! What else could a man ask for. Chucky knew right then and there he was going to wife her. Chucky smirked at her and asked, “You sure you down for this?
Cola popped a clip in her 17 shot 9mm, cocked it to make sure one was in the chamber, nodded her head and said, “LET’S GO ROCK THIS NIGGA TO SLEEP!”

When a Down Bitch is on Your Team!

Crazi-8 was as crazy as they come. Born a crack baby, he was not all there. He always stayed in a lot of trouble and wreaked havoc on neighborhoods. He tortured animals, children, and senior citizens; he didn’t give a fuck. He was heartless. He ruled the Fenkell –Wyoming blocks. Nobody dared step on his ignorant ass turf, because he didn’t have a problem with deading a nigga. He been coming up short on his payments to Chucky, because he was becoming his own best customer. His boys didn’t say much about it because, naturally, he was a nut case; but when he started smoking crack, he lost the little sense he did have. He didn’t give a fuck about Chucky’s money or the repercussion that was to follow. He let it be known that Chucky would get his money when the fuck he got it. He had been smoking all day, and ever since Stix came to collect, he has been in a rant, waving his gun and threatening Chucky. “Let that nigga show his face around here! That nigga will get got! This my house, my world, bitch!”
Chucky stopped in front of a run down, two-family flat. He could hear the commotion from inside the car. While he checked his weapon, Cola exited the car. “Cola! Wait!” Chucky shouted. Jumping out the car, he ran to catch up with her, but she already had reached the door. Hearing Crazi-8’s rant, she kicked in the little flimsy door. Chucky snatched her back and entered the house.
Crazi-8 turned around. “Well! Well! Well! Yo punk ass finally showed up!” Crazi-8 said as he waved his gun around. “Nigga, you don’t scare me! Like I told Stix, you will get yo muthafuckin money when you get it! What the fuck you gonna do about it, faggot ass nigga!” he taunted. Chucky clenched his jaw as he fingered the trigger of his Desert Eagle, contemplating his next move, because Crazi-8 already had his gun raised and pointed right at him. He taunted even more, “Your pussy ass can suck my di—”
Cola stepped from behind Chucky and put a bullet right between Crazi-8’s eyes. As his body dropped, Cola turned her gun on the other three guys. “Now where the fuck is my money?”
Kilo kicked a duffle bag of money over toward her feet. He raised his hands to surrender. “Hey man, we didn’t have nothing to do with the count, yo!” Chucky snatched the bag off the floor.
Cola stepped up and fired two more shots in Crazi-8’s body. “Let’s not ever have this conversation again!” She said, as she gave the men a once over; then she turned and left with Chucky in tow.
Once in the car, Cola pulled her ponytail holder off to allow her lovely mane to fall to her shoulders. Chucky watched as she applied lip gloss to her lips. “Bae, can we stop by a Coney Island or something, I’m famished,” she purred. Just that fast, Chrissy was back. Chucky watched in amazement as she turned Trey Songz up on the radio and hummed along.

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