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#KontrolReads Curse of the Whiskey House (Whiskey House Trilogy) by Marc Lacy

Curse of the Whiskey House)front coverThis historic Bible Belt homestead located in Hawthorne County, Alabama has a population of 45,000 and is nationally renowned for its fine whiskey. There is an old saying around Lazarus, once you enter the whiskey house, if you should ever come out, your life goes south. Lazarus, a lively city that was once a resting spot for the Buffalo Soldiers, has a lot of heritage, history, and religion. Maybe too much of each. The Hawthorne County Whiskey Stop, the city s most profitable tourist attraction, gets thousands of customers per year from in and out of town. But the Hawthorne County Whiskey House, its counterpart, is anything but good and sacred. Just ask the beloved Mayor of Lazarus, Samuel Justice, who has enough skeletons in the closet to fill the local cemetery. The level of treachery and mayhem spawned within the whiskey house is uncharted despite the fact that Reverend Jackson Jones, the pastor of the Central Baptist Church, owns it. Many believe that a lot of spirits are uneasy and that a curse lingers around Lazarus and Hawthorne County because of the crass circumstances that surround the whiskey house.


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Marc Lacy is best known for his award winning poetry and his conversation inspiring Man-Ologist blog. Now this writer who used his Facebook fan fiction posts to create a cast of zany characters for his debut thriller, Curse of the Whiskey House adds novelist to his resume. Lacy’s writing has been described as bold, fierce and calculated.
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