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#KontrolReads Foolin’ Around: King’s Reign by Phoenix Williams

#KontrolReads Foolin’ Around: King’s Reign by Phoenix Williams

TAMIKA_FOOLINAROUNDKingston Travere has a life most people would kill for. As the co-owner of the biggest production company in the music industry, and sole owner of the hottest radio station in the Midwest, King is used to getting what he wants. Right now, what he wants most is the taste of Reign on his lips.


Reign Stevens’s life has been anything but picture perfect. Living in her twin sister, Royal’s, shadow, she has always been the family outcast. When Royal and Lucas, Reign’s husband, run off together, Reign’s family turns their backs on her. Bitter and heartbroken, Reign desperately searches for attention in the most unlikely of places: the internet.


A chance encounter between Reign and King propels them beyond the lines of friendship. Secrets  reveal themselves and fantasies become fulfilled as King and Reign navigate through the tangled web of sex, lies, and friendship.



“Girl, I finally found a list of homes that Kingston will hopefully approve of. I still can’t believe he wants one of those money pits.”
Sarai chuckled. “You know King is weird like that. Are you on your way to go see him now?”
Once again, I was whipping my truck through the streets. This time I was downtown. “Yep, we’re having dinner. Enough about him. How’s the world of pimping going?”
Sarai sucked her teeth and I laughed. Years ago when I revealed my Yasmin secret, she told me that she was hard up for cash due to her expensive student loans. She was tired of living at home with her parents and having to rely on them for everything. The salary of a substitute school teacher was not enough for her to live off of. However, she couldn’t be a cam model. Any parent, school official, or student could log on and see her naked ass anytime. So, she did the next best thing. She became a cam model recruiter. She didn’t bring in as much as money as a model, but she got ten to fifteen percent of all of her girls’ income.
“I might have to show some of them how my pimp hand is way strong. In addition to being their recruiter, I have to be their coach, cheerleader, mama, best friend, and therapist. I’m tired. Do you ever think about quitting? I mean, I have enough money saved up. I could start a new business doing something else since there aren’t many jobs in teaching. Your real estate business is growing. Maybe we should just leave it all alone, find some men, and build families.”
“It’s different for me, Sarai. You can leave this behind and no one will ever know. There will always be evidence of my time on film. Plus, I don’t think I’ll ever find a man who is into the kinky shit I’m into.” I pulled into a parking spot and cut off the engine. “Look, I’m here. I’ll talk to you later.”
“Just promise me that you’ll think about it. I don’t think you’re happy doing this. This is another excuse to keep people away because of what Royal and Lucas did to you.”
“Goodbye, Sarai.”
I hung up and tossed my phone in my purse. The last thing I needed was those two fuckers on my mind. Sarai had a lot of room to talk. She had spent the last decade pining for a man who stuck his dick in anything with a wet hole. No matter what she said, I knew that she still held on to the hope that one day Jax would see her as more than a friend. At least I was living in the real world. Men were nothing but trouble.
Storming into the restaurant, I spotted King right away. He was seated in a secluded corner. The entire scene looked a little too romantic for my taste. I took a deep breath and made my way to the table. After giving him a brief hug, I sat down and ordered a cranberry and vodka.
“Rough day?”
I shrugged. “Nothing I can’t handle. Before you ask, I don’t want to talk about it.”
King held his hands up in mock surrender. “So…tell me about the houses.”
Over a dinner of steak and seafood, I gave him an overview of the five properties that I thought he’d be interested in. As the cranberry and vodkas kept coming and the evening wore on, I became more relaxed. Kingston and I got caught up on what had been happening these last few years. Though we had talked at least once a week while he was gone, there were certain stories and topics that were better discussed in person.
“Yo, what happened to that one chick you were dating? What was her name? I think it was Ingrid.”
King almost choked on his beer. I laughed as he wiped the liquid from his chin. “Her name was Ida and she was fucking nuts! She was one reason I was happy to leave England. An ocean between us is not far enough in my opinion. She put me off dating.”
I laughed so hard tears ran down my cheeks. “So, crazy Ida made the original Mack keep it in his pants?”
“Aye, don’t talk about me like my name is Jax. I don’t fuck anything that has two X chromosomes.” I rolled my eyes. “I’m serious. I have particular tastes. Not every woman is up to the challenge.”
Placing my elbows on the table, I leaned in closer. “Oooh Kingston, don’t tell me you are kinky?”
He took a sip of his beer and shook his head. “We’re all kinky to someone. It’s all about finding someone who can deal with our brand.”
` “Let me guess what you’re into?” This was a dangerous game we were playing but my interest was definitely piqued.
“You won’t be able to.”
I grinned widely and leaned back in my seat. Crossing my arms over my chest, I raised a brow. “Challenge accepted.” In my line of work, I had encountered almost every fetish there was. I was sure I could figure out Kingston’s but first I wanted to have a little fun at his expense. “You’re a furry.”
He shook his head, a smile pulling at the corners of his mouth.
“SPH?” He looked at me with confusion. I looked around to make sure no one was paying attention before whispering, “Small penis humiliation.”
The look he gave me could have frozen hell over. “Try again,” he gritted out.
I smiled before sobering. I had a feeling that this next guess would be the right one. “Bondage?”
“Close but no cigar, Sweetness. Your turn is up. My turn.”
“Whoa! What? You never said there was a limit—”
“You never asked,” he interrupted.
“And who said I was playing?”
King grabbed my hand in his and placed a kiss on my wrist. I swear I felt his tongue against my skin. Or, was it wishful thinking? “What’s the matter, baby? You afraid that I’ll guess one of your dirty little secrets?”
I glared at him. “Fine, take a guess.”
He stared at me for a few long moments and I felt myself becoming hypnotized by his stormy gray eyes. “Stand up,” he commanded and damned if my body didn’t listen.
In the dimly lit corner of the restaurant, Kingston slowly circled me. The warmth from his body made heat pool in my middle and my nipples harden against my silk top. It was all I could do to keep from wobbling in my sky high heels.
King stopped behind me and brushed my curls off my neck. “You, sweet Reign, are what we like to call a “Switch.” You can be dominant or submissive depending on your mood and partner. That’s a rare find. Unfortunately,” he paused and ran a finger along my spine. I bit my lip to keep from moaning but there was nothing I could do about the shiver that ran through me. “No one has been tapping into all the potential wonders your body has to offer. Such a shame.” I felt his fingers hover over my waist and I threw my head back in surrender. I wanted to feel his hand and lips on me so badly that I would have given anything to have it. “Sit.”
Once again, I did as he demanded without thinking twice about it. King sat across from me and took a sip of his beer, his eyes never leaving me. Breathing became a chore and a fine sheen of sweat broke out across my skin. My breasts felt heavy. My pussy was pulsating and I had to clamp my thighs together to dull the ache. At that moment, if he had asked, I’d have happily taken off my clothes and rode his fine ass off into the sunset.
The shrill of my phone broke the sexual spell he had cast. I rummaged through my oversized Fendi bag until I found my phone. I answered without looking. “Hello.”
“Hey Reign.”
I felt like a bucket of ice water had been poured over my head as I sat there in shock. King sat up in his chair and eyed me with concern. Fire ran through my veins but this had nothing to do with lust. This was rage. “Lucas, what the hell do you want?”

Find the author at:

Facebook: PhoenixWilliams01

Twitter: Phoenix_William

Instagram: PhoenixWilliamsBooks


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