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#KontrolReads Let The Games Begin by Laquita Cameron

#KontrolReads Let The Games Begin by Laquita Cameron

The games being played surrounding the death of Zipp Richards, son of Memphis Police Officer Nate, lead to a deadly revengeful plot of his twin sister Jazmina doing whatever she can to make those involved suffer. Porter and Troy are local drug dealers of Memphis, who end up fleeing to Chicago, Illinois to start another life and build a rich empire of drugs, guns and money. The scandalous affairs of Yvette with Troy, lead her down a dangerous path with a psychotic drug abuser. While Monae is left to pick up the pieces of her life, she deals with Porter’s cheating ways and inability to settle down with her. The characters try to stay alive while scheming and betraying one another. The shocking twists and turns from each character’s life keeps the reader in suspense of who will survive the deadly games being played.



Jazmina smells pot roast cooking so she walks towards the kitchen. She loved her African American side of the family because they cooked some really good soul food. He sits in his chair in the kitchen reading a newspaper. His wavy salt and pepper hair matches his beard. “Well look at here. When did you get here sweetie?” Standing up at 6’6’’ he bent down to hug his niece. “Hey how have you been?” he asks smiling.

“Great, Papi. I drove here from Chicago last night, just making it this afternoon. I am doing fine but i miss you guys though. How’s dad doing?” she responds. Her uncle stirs his roast stating, “Your father is doing well. He was supposed to bring his tail over here yesterday but has not shown up yet. I figured he wanted some time to himself so I didn’t bother him this morning. Did you get everything you need?”

Jazmina pulls out her folder from her black purse showing him the photos she took of Porter. “Well I have these pictures, his business card, license plate number and I am getting an address now from Benny.” She answers grinning at her achievements. “So let’s just say I am getting very close. I know he killed him. I want to get his confession.” She adds. Her uncles face remains emotionless but he ceases smiling.

“Damn you’re good. How did you get pictures of him already? You have only been in Chicago for three months. Why didn’t you go into private investigating for a career?” he jokes with her.

“You better know it… I’m a woman that knows how to use her resources” She tells him joking making him laugh. “Before you know it I will be calling saying he is dead” she comments. He walks away from the stove over to her, removing her hair from her face. He palms her face.

“You definitely have grown into a fine woman. Be careful okay? That is a dangerous man. He is smarter than you think” He says rubbing her cheek gently gazing into her eyes. Jazmina never forgot how her uncle sexually abused her twice as a young teenager. She needs his help in her this so she goes along with his inappropriate ways for now. Getting up from the table holding his hand in hers she asks “Are you going by the burial today. You know this makes it three years today.” His smile fades away and he steps back to fix himself a plate of the food he prepared.

“Baby girl you know I don’t like graveyards. I will send some flowers though. I wish I could make it but I probably will not, sorry.” He replies as he fixes his own plate to feast on the meal. Looking on in disappointment she prepares to leave.

“Where is the stuff I ordered? I have to get going Papi.” She lies. He looks at her then leaves the kitchen returning within minutes with a brown paper bag. She reaches to take the bag from him but it remains in his grasp. Staring him in the eyes she continues to pull the bag in towards her.

“Here. Everything that you asked for is in this bag. And don’t forget to take this food with you. And I know how you feel, but doing what you’re doing will not make things better. He is gone Jaz. Let it go, okay? Before you get yourself hurt… I’m serious! You do not want to play around

with Mack P.” he warns finally handing over the bag containing two handguns with its ammunition inside.

Jazmina told her uncle her plan to find Zipp’s killers a year ago and he was reluctant at first, but agreed to aid her if she needed anything. She requested for Papi to get her some weapons he would need firepower for protection being in Chicago alone. Benny stays with her, but he will not be of any help once she was alone with Porter.

“I know what I am doing Papi. Thanks for everything. I will call you to update you.” She says hugging her uncle.

“Let me take your things out for you” he said holding her plate and grabbing the brown paper bag off the table.

They leave out of the house returning to her car. Jacob eyes Papi opening the door for Jazmina. “Alright see you later Jaz. Remember what I said. Be careful. I would hate for something to happen to you too!” he advises. He also slides a bank envelope containing $10,000 into her hands.

“Bye. Thanks again. Take care.” She replies smiling driving off towards East Memphis. Papi ran his own gang turf with his two sons Jacob and Brian. He watches her drive off walking back to the house. “Why the long face old man?” Jacob asks him.

“She is getting to motherfucking nosy. She searched for him and shit. Which one of you punks told her ass he was in Chicago? I thought I said not to tell her anything!” Papi rants making all the other men get quiet.

“Hey I didn’t tell her anything. You need to check your other son. I don’t snitch!” Jacob insists with fear in his eyes.

“Hopefully she decides to stay away from him for her own sake. My brother would kill me if he found out the truth.” He exclaims in a low tone walking into the house with Jacob following.


CAM00002LaQuita Cameron is a multi-genre writer from Memphis, TN and I loves writing fictional novels. Most of the time is spent writing erotica, urban dramas, thrillers, suspense novels and crime/action series. I work full time in a call center but dedicate my remainder of my time to my three children and husband. I am inspired to write by those authors before me like Zane, Sister Soldier and even Carl Weber. I plan to write spiritual and children novels in the future. I write at least 4-8 hours a day during the week depending on my work schedule. I am currently an author at La Femme Fatale Publishing Company under Michele Fletcher, CEO. I have a passion for writing and my purpose is to entertain both women and men of all ages in the future. I have been reading since I was in the fifth grade and became accustomed to reading all genres no matter what race/ethnicity wrote it. I am currently working on 4 novels, while I have already published Let The Games Begin part 1.
Find the author buy the book:

LINK : http://amzn.com/B00LQO5RGQ

Web links: Facebook/Author LaQuita Cameron, Facebook Reads With LaQuita, Twitter: Laquitacam86

Instagram: Laquitacam86

Blog: Readswithlaquita@blogspot.com

My email address for readers to contact me is Laquita@lffpublishing.com

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