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#KontrolReads Mistaken Identity by Stephanie Norris

#KontrolReads Mistaken Identity by Stephanie Norris

Mistaken IdentityWhy develop the store of Mistaken Identity?


Sometimes in life we see others prosper and gain notoriety and want it for ourselves so much so that we become jealous or angry and fail to see the blessings we have. This story tells that tale in a nutshell. Initially, my thought was to write my first standalone novel since my earlier books are series. I got the idea to create twins one envying the other. I wondered how one sister would move forward with her life not knowing anything about herself or anyone. On the flip side, the other sister would have problems trying to completely take over her identity. It shows the consequences and the blow back of acting on such coveted feelings. It also shows that even when we are on the right path, we are not exempt from bad things happening in our lives, it’s how we respond and move forward that matters most.


Describe your writing style and your most popular project?


I write romantic suspense. My writing style is unique because it’s a mixture of romance, thrills, action, drama, suspense, crime, violence, hope, restoration and more. I like to take my characters so far to the edge that you’re absolutely certain they cannot come back from it. I take a sane person and put them in an insane situation filled with different emotions, love, lust, greed and so forth and show you their thought process and drive to get them out or they succumb to what they’re going through. My most popular project is Trouble In Paradise, the series. It is a four book series starting with Trouble In Paradise, Vengeful Intentions, For Better and Worse, and the finale Until My Last Breath.


Moving forward in your career where do you fit in the urban fiction world?


I don’t write urban fiction, but when it comes to romantic suspense, I’ve been compared to the likes of James Patterson and Eric Jerome Dickey, which is interesting considering they’re both male authors. However, I suspect the action plus suspense in my novels associate somewhat to their style. I’d like to think my career will eventually take me into film. I would be honored and love to see my stories play out on the big screen. I do have what it takes you know. I think I would fit nicely in the producer chair.


Get the Book:

The only thing Briana and Tiana have in common are their identical looks. For Tiana, life is one challenge after another, but her greatest struggle is sharing a face with the sister she despises. Tired of living in the shadows, she comes up with a plan to finally have everything she ever wanted.
Everything seems to come easy for Briana, including her beautiful children, loving husband and dynamic career. Briana’s charmed life is ripped apart when she wakes up in the hospital with no idea who she is and no memory of her former life. With the help of the handsome stranger who saved her, Briana builds a new life and finds new love, while Tiana won’t rest until Briana has no life at all.


Buy the Book: http://amzn.to/1VNl1Jo


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