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KontrolReads: The NightLife Chronicles by Shawn Flossy

KontrolReads: The NightLife Chronicles by Shawn Flossy


Book Cover ImageBattling her natural instinct to play men and her common sense to be monogamous, Taya Roberts learns her true fate. It’s not that she isn’t ready to settle down rather she just can’t imagine what life would be like without her options. Until she meets Michael Keith who spins her world upside down. His debonair suave mystic personality catches her eye and even has her questioning if this player lifestyle was ever truly for her.


I woke up the next morning with my breath smelling like straight Hennessy. I went in my bathroom and found two naked chicks in my spa tub and a third chick laying on the floor. I stepped over shorty on the floor and proceeded to the sink to brush my teeth and wash the crust out my eyes. I slipped on some hoop shorts and walked out my room to see what the rest of the house was looking like.
I stood on the balcony overlooking my living room and all I could see was beer bottles covering the floor and a few puddles of vomit. Face down in one of those puddles was my boy Sly Hood. It was several motherfuckas passed out around the crib including Dre’s ass. I went back in my room, grabbed my iPhone out my pants pocket, and called my usual cleaning crew to come a little earlier than scheduled.
After I rounded up all the hungover folks and put them out of my house; let the cleaning crew in, and got dressed, I headed to my office. I know it’s Sunday, but a real businessman never stops working. Growing up I watched my mom hustle everyday of the week just to make sure me any my brother had fresh clothes to wear to school.

Head Shot ImageShawn Flossy is a self-published author who founded PURP Publications, at the age of 25. Before venturing into her first novel, Shawn was an avid blogger on her NightLife Chronicles blog. A former internet radio host, she helped host with Hear Me Now Radio (HMN) out of Fort Worth, Texas, for over a year. With more business ventures on the horizon, Shawn is definitely climbing the ladder for success. Her sophomore book debut titled, “Ally”, releases later this year.

Get to know Shawn:

What inspired you to write The NightLife Chronicles?

What really inspired the book was the blog I was writing before the book, also called The Nightlife Chronicles, for 2 years. The blog was was so popular that I was writing enough content to actually create a novel. So to answer your question, my fans from my blog inspired my book.

Are any of the characters based on influences you’ve had in your life?

Everybody thinks the main character, Taya Roberts, is a reflection of me, she’s not. Every other character is representations of pieces of people I’ve met in my life.

Tell us the most difficult portion of writing the book?

The ending by far. With me it’s always the last chapter or last paragraph or last sentence because I never know when to stop writing.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years as an author?

My long term goal is having a screenplay published on a major platform. It doesn’t have to even be a huge success, but having my own works produced would be a major accolade.

What else do you have in the works?

“Ally” the novel, my sophomore piece. It’s going to top my first book; I really went all out on this one. I also have a poetry book in the works as well, I love writing poems.

When can we expect “Ally” to be available to the public?

We’re expecting to release it by the end of this year or the beginning of next year, and pre orders will be up soon.

Anything else you would like to add for future fans and friends?

I want to thank everybody for being interested in what I have to offer, stay tuned because we’re just getting started.

Find the author:

Face-Book: https://www.facebook.com/PURPPublictaions/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TNLChronicles



Buy the Book:



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