#KontrolReads Nothing Can Come Between Us By Cherlina Works

TAMIKA_NOTHINGCANCOMEBased on lust and hate, “Nothing Can Come Between Us” is a page-turning drama laced with sex, drugs, money, and betrayal. After she suffers a broken heart, an evil persona emerges in the beautiful and sexy McKeisha.
Becoming unstable, McKeisha develops an unhealthy obsession with her naive best friend’s boyfriend. When a crisis occurs, McKeisha uses the opportunity to commit the ultimate betrayal, going on a path of backstabbing, deceit, and stopping at nothing to get what she wants.
Seeing her childhood friends, Sha’Lena and Dominique, achieve their dreams of musical stardom, adds fuel to the fire and McKeisha’s jealousy soon boils over. One girl’s life will be tragically cut short. Will they find the courage to end this deadly friendship, or will McKeisha get caught in her own web of deception?

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Author of 13 novels as seen in Vibe Vixen, Essence, Uptown, and on BET and Centric .

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