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TAMIKA_SHAYLASREVENGEShayla, a bubbly thirteen year old, destined for greatness, has her world shattered in one day. One daring mistake from her mother puts Shayla  in a situation that no young girl should have to endure. At the hands of her own father, Shayla  is thrust into a world not made for any small child. She is used and abused on a daily basis, by the one adult that should be protecting her. She falls into a state of utter despair and self-loathing. As she is betrayed repeatedly by the people that promised to love and protect her. Only to use her again for their own financial gain.

Not many make it out. However, Shayla is one girl not determined to become a statistic. She has a purpose, and that is revenge! Revenge on those that stole her innocence and made her a woman before her time. A purpose of finding the love and innocence that still dwells inside of her. Allow Shayla to tell her story of despair that turns into hope. That you will be free and find the love that you deserve, through faith, hope, and determination for a better life. Will she get out? How will she make everyone pay? Will she find that love and career that she yearned for?


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