#KontrolReads She Was a Friend of Mine 5: Death Pool by Jasheem Wilson

Shewasafriendofmine5(1) Jasheem Wilson has done it again! In part five of She Was a Friend of Mine, Scheyenne Iverson is enjoying the life of a successful, African-American, businesswoman in love, until an unclosed chapter in Josh’s past threatens to end the happiness they’ve built.
She is devastated when she finds out that Josh had a few secrets of his own to tell, but Josh’s past isn’t the only thing threatening her happily ever after.
A woman is blackmailing Shi with intimate knowledge of murders she committed. Problem is… this knowledge could only have come from a dead man, Spin. Next thing she knows, Investigator Monroe’s sneaking around her shop, asking questions about her ex-husband, Spin.
As if that’s not enough to deal with, unbeknownst to Shi, someone was trying to restart Spin City. Who could be trying to revive Spin’s legacy?
Is the past ever so strong that no matter what you do, you will always see the ripples of it in your future? Find out what happens when Shi’s walls start closing in around her and her back is against the wall.


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