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virgoshediditherwaybookcover In Life Virgo had two choices, living their way or living her way.  She realized that she would lose herself doing it their way and begun to wonder if she could take her life back doing it her way.  Determined, she set out on a journey to find the answer.

Virgo put everyone and everything first and learned the hard way what unappreciation was.  The day finally came when she took a long hard look in the “mirror” and realized that she had to change.

Her mirror told her that “only you can make you happy and everyone else contributes to your happiness”.  Now the challenge will be who you choose to put first.


About the author:


Vernon L. Byrd is a life coach and the author of the book, “Virgo, She Did It Her Way.” The book is based on his own life story.

Mr. Byrd wrote the book to encourage and inspire individuals not to allow their past to determine their future.

A survivor and witness of life’s twist and turns, Vernon is living proof that struggles and people do not have to tear you down.

No matter what you go through or what has happened to you, only you can hold yourself back from achieving your dreams and wanting more out of your life.

Mr. Byrd speaks to various groups and organizations on subjects such as abuse, taking your life back, striving when enemies are holding you down and using “The Mirror.”

He conducts workshops and seminars designed to empower young women and uplift their self-esteem.

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FB Link: https://www.facebook.com/VirgoSheDidItHerWay?ref=hl
Website link:  www.vernonbyrdspeaks.com
book trailer  https://youtu.be/nYjSRlSVZG8
book can be purchased at www.vernonbyrdspeaks.com
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email address: mrvernonbyrd@gmail.com
love yourself blog:http://www.vernonbyrdspeaks.com/#!love-yourself-blog/c19hl ​

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