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#KontrolReads Wanting What’s Her: Derek’s Dilemma by Khara Campbell

#KontrolReads Wanting What’s Her: Derek’s Dilemma by Khara Campbell

WantingwhatsHers3The saying goes, “What’s done in the dark soon comes to light”. If it meant tearing through someone else’s happiness to claim the heart of another, would you do it?

Derek was charming, successful, and fine as wine.  His wife, Angie, adored him and loved what their relationship had become. Happiness and trust wasn’t an issue; their life seemed to be perfect. However, Derek falls for temptation on a trip that was supposed to be strictly business; the very person protecting his secret is the one who wants to be his number one.

When the unthinkable is revealed, Angie is faced with ending her marriage. She finds herself having to choose between taking a chance on a new love, or fighting for what’s hers. Three hearts… One lie… Will someone else claim Derek and take the life Angie has, or will Angie fight to regain and keep what’s hers?


Daddy’s home! Daddy’s home!” Both Dena and Devon exclaimed when they saw a car headlights reflected on the family room wall where they were sitting down watching TV.

Dena and Devon sprung up from the couch and sprinted for the front door. It was seven-fifteen in the evening. They had already completed homework, their extracurricular activities and dinner. Angie stood away off from the front door, allowing them the opportunity to greet their daddy.

Derek, unlocked the door and walked in and was immediately attacked with hugs and kisses from his children. “I’ve missed you both!” He told them, returning their kisses and hugs.

“Did you get us anything Daddy?” Dena asked.

“Yup, sure did.” He handed them both a shopping bag filled with souvenirs from his travel.

“Thanks Daddy!” They both ran back into the family room to view all of their new goodies.

“Welcome home baby!” Angie finally spoke.

Derek closed and locked the door behind him. When he turned around, the sight of his wife’s radiant face, lodged a dagger into his heart. He’d been suffering with guilt all day. His flight got in at Reagan National Airport at 2pm then he headed straight to his office at the National Harbor in Oxon Hill, Maryland for meetings for the rest of the day. But his thoughts were far from business. How could I have cheated on this beautiful, loving and loyal woman? He was still tripping over the fact that it had actually happened – he was waiting to be awakened from the nightmare he was hoping he was in.

All day he’d been wrecking his brain trying to pinpoint when he had that moment of weakness where he gave into sexual desires for another woman. Angie was his world – she and their kids meant everything to him. So how in the world did I end up in bed with Breana for three days?

Angie walked over to her husband and kissed him deeply. “I’ve missed you so much!” She hugged him, stepping into his welcoming arms. The masculine scent of his cologne comforted her. “I love you!”

Derek swallowed the lump in his throat. The dagger to his heart was deepening. “I love you too baby and I missed you.” He squeezed his eyes shut, the pain of it was going to kill him – he just knew it. You’re an idiot! You have the world and may have lost it.

“Are you hungry? I did barbecue salmon, wild rice and vegetables.” Angie stepped back, out of his embrace. She looked up into her husband’s face. “You look beat, how about you take a shower and I warm dinner up for you.”

“Thanks, babe!” He averted his eyes. He couldn’t look into her beautiful hazel eyes with his deceit looming over his head. He was beyond disgusted with himself. “I’ll like that.”

Find the author on Instagram and Twitter @KharaCampbell


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