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The Kontrol Father’s Day Gift Guide

The Kontrol Father’s Day Gift Guide

Father’s Day is just around the corner. If you’re a good child then you’ve probably around picked up your dad’s gift and had it wrapped. However, the rest didn’t even know this holiday was approaching until this morning so we haven gotten our dads jack squat. It’s crunch time so to help out all the Father’s Day procrastinators we’ve put together a short and quick gift guide. All of the items are appropriate for the occasion, and your pockets.

TENZING Adventure Pack, $55

TENZING is a new men’s skincare brand that uses aloe based products along with health and natural ingredients to cater to men’s needs. Their TENZING’s Adventure Pack features some of their amazing products. And men can get it in Sage Mint or Sandalwood. In the pack, there’s a Pre-Save Oil, Premium Shave Cream, and a Face Moisturizer.

The Tie Bar, $19

One of the more classic gifts for dads is a tie. The Tie Bar features a vast assortment of ties and men’s formal accessories. There are neckties, skinny ties, and even bowties. However, this company doesn’t just sell ties. They sell dress shirts, pocket squares, tie bars, socks, belts, and so much more. Every single tie retails the same at $19. The shirts are the most expensive item at $55, but everything else is $35 and below.

Under Armour Workout Gear, $24-$99

If you have a fit dad and not one of those TV coach potato dads like Homer Simpson than workout gear might be the perfect gift for him. Under Armour is all about active lifestyles and men leading healthier lives. One of their lowest items is their compression shirts which retail for about $24. Of course, your dad can’t walk around with a shirt and no pants so you might want to get him the workout shorts for $29. The most expensive item would have to be their workout sneakers which go for $99. But you can also get your father socks, bags, hats, t-shirts, tank tops, and water bottles. Under Armour has everything your dad needs to feel as young as his children.

Yves Saint Laurent 3-Pc. L’Homme Gift Set, $58

If you go to Macy’s there are a ton of cologne gift sets for men that retail far low than buying the actual cologne from the designer. Case and point, the Yves Sait Laurent Cologne Gift Set which is valued at $84 but retails at Macy’s for $58. However, it’s more likely would cost more anywhere else. It features three different scents, but if you wear YSL than you know you can wear it anywhere and smell like a modern man. Get this for your dad and he’ll be the best smelling man at the DMV.

Tiege Hanley, $25

Tiege Hanley has changed the game in terms of skin care systems for men. For the low price of $25 men will get a face wash, a morning face moisturizer, and an evening face moisturizer, and an exfoliating scrub. They also provide an eye cream and a firming serum but those are upgrades from the basic system.

Booze, priceless (not really)

Your dad drinks. He drinks to deal with work, bills, and most importantly you. If he doesn’t then he should start, especially if he’s retired. It’s not like there’s an urgent need for him to get in his car to go somewhere. So, it’s perfectly okay that he walks around sauced most of the time. If you can’t see him using any of these other gifts that it’s possible that booze will do the trick. The fastest way to know what he likes is to peep his liquor cabinet. Every parent has one, and the older they are the more likely they stash the good stuff under the sink or somewhere in the basement and garage. The fancier parents have a butler’s pantry or an authentic home bar.


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