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This past weekend was definitely one to remember in the great city of Atlanta. Kontrol Magazine hosted Fashion In the City and we were indulged with treats that was sweet to the taste. Each day was geared towards fashion shows, shopping, vendors and most importantly beauty. Over the weekend, I had the chance to visit a beauty seminar that was hosted by Kontrol Magazine. Each make up artist that spoke were all successful in their own right and was nice enough to spend some time speaking about experiences and knowledge of the beauty industry. I was really blessed to be able to attend a forum where hardcore facts and advice was given to those interested in become apart of a fast paced job market. Even though I am very knowledgeable when it comes to makeup, I can honestly say that I’ve learned alot about make up after the seminar.


There was four speakers who lead this forum and each individual has their own style, grace, and poise when it comes to applying make up. Day Hill, Brandy Wells, Shiree Mcclendon, and Mimi Johnson are all mua that has made a exceptional name for themselves in the industry. Each lady has their own story because they had to struggle and fight for their long term and short term goals. Keeping their eyes affixed on the prize is what propelled them into the position they are in today. I am elated I had the chance to sit and listen to women who possess a wealth of knowledge and beauty in the make up industry. If you are interested in becoming apart of this changing field, this weekend was the place to be. #Kontrolyourbeauty with professionals who are well aware of the ins and outs of the industry.


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