Regardless of your name and or socioeconomic status, sometimes people are involved in situtations that may led up to a fight. This is exactly the same problem that happened between your girls favorite rapper Drake and one of Hip Hop’s most influential moguls Diddy. Miami was packed with celebrities who were winding down Art Basel celebrations over the weekend. But in the end, things turned bitter at Club LIV on Sunday night when Diddy and Drake crossed paths at a birthday party for Dj Khaled. MTV was able to make a confirmation on the fight with a source who was a key witness to the incident.


 DJ Sam Sneaker, Rick Ross’ DJ, gave a detail account of the whole event via his twitter. Many say Drake was rushed to the hospital, while others drew their own conclusions. Rumors swirled around in the air just like a plastic bag. Some say the fight was over Diddy’s longtime girlfriend Cassie, but MTV states that it was false. According to Sam Sneaker’s twitter @DJSamSneaker: “Diddy put hands on that boy…And he ain’t go 0-100…That boy left. Another post that was placed on Twitter via @DjSamSneaker was “Yall pray for Drake”. From the look of it, Diddy may have put the paws on Drake and left him for the hospital to clean up the mess he created. What do you think? If that is the case, this goes to show you that even though your are rich, knowing how to fight is a critical skill in the Hip Hop community.

Jarius Tommillson

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