#Kontrolyourbody with these easy fitness tips!

Even though the weather is pretty nice outside, this does not mean its time to slack in the gym and go back to a inactive lifestyle. As a community, we are willing to go to extreme measures to achieve the perfect body. Whether its under going surgical procedures or even injecting silicone for a bigger booty, our society is obessed with fitness and the having that oh so sexy body. If you want to keep that body in shape or perk up your fitness routine, try incorporating some activities that are not only fun but can help burn calories at the same time. #Kontrolyourfitness this season with a iron fist and keep that body in tip top shape!


Does your job require you to work in the elements? Do you sweat alot during a hard shift? If so, keep on sweating! Not only is your body detoxing itself through the pores, but your waist is trimming as well. Sweat is a good thing especially when your want to lose weight. Does your job include lifting, pulling, or the use of brut strength? Don’t fret; those muscles are being worked and growing larger by the moment. For example, I work on the ramp for Delta Airlines, Inc and my job is a work out. From unloading freight, bags, and human remains, my job is a great work out and can keep your fitness in tact. Not to mention I work out 4 times a week, my job helps with that extra push.

Variety of fresh fruit and vegetables

If you work for a corporation that has alot of steps, instead of taking the elevator, take your fitness to the next level and walk the steps. Really want to push the limit? Run up the stairs skipping two or three at a time. I always keep my running shoes with me for a quick work out. You can use the stairs for cardio or even a great way to do squats. Don’t forget to replace those sweet drinks with more water. This is a great way to clear up skin. No matter what you do to #kontrolyourfitness, make  sure you align it with a healthy and balanced diet.

Jarius Tommillson

On September 20, 1988, a boy was born and deemed to create his own path. He was taught to follow his heart, and never take no for an answer. My name is Jarius and I love everything about hair, make up, nails, fashion, shoes, and most essentially writing. Join me as we voyage to nirvana through the words I write.