#KontrolyourBody! NeriumFirm Offers a Patented way to Trim and Tone

Everywhere I turn, I am lured into trim down, slim up, lose weight programs from wraps, to weights to waist training. I have seen lotions that target cellulite and loose skin before, but I have remained relatively unimpressed. However, I liked NeriumFirm right off the bat for a few reasons. One, it carries no weird odor, it rubs in easily and it moisturizes the skin because of the Cocoa and Shea butter ingredients. Most importantly, it reduces the appearance of cellulite and smooths skin because of its patented, proprietary use of the NAE-8 extract combining the power of the Nerium oleander plant and Aloe Vera plant.


I applied the cream at bedtime and after a few days, I noticed that my skin felt smoother and tighter. I tried to distinguish between my regular routine’s contribution and this product’s, so I stopped for a few days, but kept everything else in my routine the same (including diet and workouts). I definitely lost the initial effect I felt with this. That taught me that continued results require continued use, but it does live up to its tightening promise. I recommend using the product right before bedtime and right after a warm shower. NeriumFirm promises the best results after twice a day usage for 6-8 weeks. I promise to use product regularly until I finish my bottle and post my own before and afters!


*Pictures posted courtesy of NeruimFirm’s Pinterest page. Results reflect 30 day usage results.