#Kontrolyourbrows With 5 Easy Steps!

Everyone is obessed with the perfect brow. We see celebrities such as Beyonce’, Rihanna, Katy Perry, and many other successful women in the entertainment or modeling industry who deliver jaw dropping photos with a simple look over the shoulder. Whether maintained by tweezers, a straight razor, hot wax, or even my favorite a piece of thread, eyebrows can essentially express one’s feeling across their face.  I like to think of them as blinds that open the window to our soul. Some people today regardless of what they use to keep their brows tamed still fall short. Are you someone who pays make up artists a weekly rate to fill in your brows? Are you clueless when it comes to filling in your own brows? Well #kontrolyourbrows with these 5 easy steps.

Before I give you the run down, here are some tools that are very helpful when filling in your eyebrows.

  • Brow brush and comb (an angular brow brush works perfect but a flat one works just as fine)
  • Brow pencil
  • Clear brow gel
  • Brow Shadow
  • Tweezers (for those tiny pieces of hair)
  • Baby Scissors (these are great for trimming)
  • Light Concealer (this is totally optional)

You can possess the perfect brow with these quick steps:

  1. Brush: Brush brows into place in a upward and across motion.
  2. Using a light feathering strokes, mimic the appearance of hair and fill in the gaps. Make sure you tap off excess makeup before applying to brow.
  3. Using your brow pencil, line your brows. For me its always easier to line the bottom part first. Then line the top of your brows. If you want a defined shaped, do not be afraid to go over the line you created with the brow pencil.
  4. Fill in the brows with brow makeup.
  5. Conceal your brows then enjoy!

If these steps are still a bit complicated for you, check out this video I found on YouTube. This is a great tutorial video if you are interested in keeping your brows under #kontrol.



Jarius Tommillson

On September 20, 1988, a boy was born and deemed to create his own path. He was taught to follow his heart, and never take no for an answer. My name is Jarius and I love everything about hair, make up, nails, fashion, shoes, and most essentially writing. Join me as we voyage to nirvana through the words I write.