#Kontrolyourlashes: Are you using the right mascara? I HOPE SO!!!

Who does not live for amazing eye makeup with lashes to set the look off? Whether its strips, individuals, or even lash extensions, lashes are the shutters to the soul. Even if you do not decide to wear lashes, your natural lashes should be on point. I realize that some people have very long lashes and some are extremely curly. With that being said, make sure what ever mascara you decide to wear to exude sexuality via the eyes not only defines, but creates additional length for your natural lashes. What mascara do you use on the daily and does it add some type of flavor to your lashes? Lets explore some brands who promise a fuller look and also the type of brush on the end of this critical make up tool.


In my opinion, it doesn’t matter what type of mascara you use. What is very essential when applying this makeup is the type of brush on the end of the mascara. You want a mascara that is going to give you a full look without the clumps. Some brushes are closer for a more define look. While others are not so close together yet they single out each strange of your eyelash and provide superior coverage. What ever look you want to go for determine if heavy mascara is required or not. Sometimes a more natural lash look is perfect versus a dramatic lash with extensions. Don’t forget to use a white eyeliner or pencil for a wide eye look especially if you like to add mascara to your bottom lashes too. Some brushes on the end of mascara can take your lashes to new heights with the ease of one stroke. So I ask the question again, which type of mascara are you using?


Jarius Tommillson

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