#Kontrolyourmarriage: Keyshia Cole recieves divorces papers but not from “Boobie”!

The R and B Songstress Keyshia Cole’s estranged husband Daniel “Boobie” Gipson filed divorce papers last month. Apparently, they were not from him! Sounds strange doesn’t it? This story gets even crazier by the moment. Boobie claims it was an impostor…What do you think?


According to TMZ, the singer was on the verge of filing for a divorce last month but still didn’t go through with it when Boobie supposedly filed last week in an L.A. County Superior Court. TMZ recieved a copy of the documents and to be honest they look offical citing irreconcilable differences. What seems odd is that an ex-NBA player like Gipson would list himself as the attorney.


Sources reached out to the number that was listed on the documents but the voice claiming to be Boobie sounded suspect. After, the address was checked and it turned out to be the location of an El Pollo Loco restaurant. Wierd huh? Keyshia’s husband assured TMZ that he would never consider getting a divorce. He is a Christian and a strong believer in “til death due us part”. Even though Keyshia is going through with divorce, this cute couple relationship has been in the media and on the rocks for some time now. Keyshia is focusing on her music and the promotion of her new album that is set to be released in August. Gipson plans on pressing charges on the impostor. That’s the best thing to do in my opinion. I don’t feel the course of action Gipson is going to do is stopping Keyshia’s decision. Keep the tunnel vision KC and do what is right for you and your son.


Jarius Tommillson

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