Kylie Jenner New Boy Toy

Written By: Tina Red
Kylie Jenner is having the best week ever.  First news outlets reported she snagged none other than Jaden Smith as her boyfriend and had an intense make out session during KimYe’s wedding.  Who could blame her with all that love in the air?

Nonetheless, rumors are now circulating that the young fashionista has set her eyes on none other than Justin Beiber and the two have something in the works.  The speculation between the 20-year-old musician and 16-year-old reality star started at Coachella Musical Festival last month.  Spectators claim Kylie flirted heavily with Beiber and Selena Gomaz became insanely jealous.  She shortly thereafter removed all the pictures she’d taken with Kylie and Kendall from Instagram page and unfollowed them both.


Kylie, being a good sport, attempted to clear up one of the rumors.

“Jaden’s a close friend of mine,” she tweeted.

“Wasn’t caught making out with anyone at my sisters wedding lol.”

She has yet to make a comment regarding Justin.

Kylie was asked for details on the wedding by eTalk but she didn’t reveal the inside scoop that we hoped she would.  She spoke for herself and Kendall and she responded, “We can’t say much but it was amazing.”

We must say Kris Jenner trained her girls well.

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