It’s Ladies’ Night! Tiny’s Tequila Hits The Scene for a Girls’ Night Out!

No night can ever be dull when Tameka “Tiny” Harris is in the mix! Yes, our favorite “R&B star turned mom and reality TV star,” is doing it big with her own brand of fun–and tequila! “Tiny’s Tequila” as it is simply, cutely, and affectionately called; is launching its brand with with quite the punch via a national commercial and a party! The commercial will debut this Saturday, November 29th, during the Bayou Classic football game. In the advertisement, Tiny and a few of her famous friends will be taking selfies, laughing, and celebrating her latest venture and womanhood in general. Tiny’s Ladies’ Night Out also has a website which offer viewers the chance to see additional footage from the commercial as well as the chance to win great prizes. These prizes include a free, all expenses paid trip,  on the “Grown & Sexy Cruise” in January to a group of women who post the best selfies with their friends! Additionally, viewers will be able to sign up for events and special giveaways.

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“Tiny’s Tequila” is a real treat in itself! Earlier this year I had a chance to sample some of the liquor, and was pleasantly surprised at how smooth and flavorful it was. The Orange Blossom (Honey-Orange) flavor won me over the moment it landed on my tongue. For someone who is peculiar when it comes to his shots, this was therapy for my taste buds–with a playful kick! This commercial will be an excellent way to launch her brand nationwide. After all, alcohol and football are like peanut butter and jelly–inseparable! The tequila also comes in Limelight, a lime flavored version, that goes great with body shots. Besides the tequila it is really thrilling to see the members of Tiny’s entourage–Fantasia, Shekinah, and Toya to name a few! We wish Mrs. Harris much success with her brand of tequila. If you are not trying to keep up with The Harrises then your hustle is nothing short of ass backwards! For more information on “Tiny’s Tequila” check out the website Check out a sneak peek of the commercial below!

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