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One day using one particular brand. What a LaDifference a day makes!


Like all good skin care starts, cleaning the canvas is the most important step. As usual, just use the normal means of cleaning your skin. Nothing can be more refreshing than using your favorite non-irritating facial wash to get your skin clean and ready  for the great products LaDifference Cosmetics has to offer.


Now that the face is clean and dry, apply the Instant Face Lift. After patting the creamy mixture on your skin, you will notice a tightening effect. In the beginning, it can feel a bit strange, but it really does work to reduce the wrinkles that appear in the face after normal movement is made with the face.


While the lifting and tightening continues, reach for the Intense Cucumber Eye and Lip Cream. One of the first signs of aging will take place around the eyes. It’s always best to handle the eye area early on. This rich and manageable cream glides easily over the eye area. This hydrating formula is easily absorbed into the skin to help reduce dryness. The cream can also be used to help make the lips feel softer. Plus, the scent is pleasing to the nose.

eyeandlipcreamAfter applying the other treatments, now it’s time to make sure your skin is moisturized with the Anti-Aging Moisturizer. The final step in your skincare routine with LaDifference Cosmetics is loaded with 6 Peptides and Resveratrol. Its light and makes your skin feel good. This can be applied to the face and to the neck, in addition to the Night Cream and the Neck Cream.


If you want to make sure that your hands are lovely, reach for the Advanced Plumping Hand Cream. It gives you a slight tingle, but actually does help plump up some of the deep wrinkles in your hands. They will appear slightly smoother, which results in younger looking hands.


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