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A Journey Through Lala Land: Love, Friendship, & The Limelight

A Journey Through Lala Land: Love, Friendship, & The Limelight



Lala Anthony has been on the scene for a couple of decades, and with change to spare. Recently, unfortunate news of trouble in her marriage has kept her name at the top of the blogs. Despite watching her own life unfold in the media, somehow, Lala seems to maintain a strong grip on a flourishing career, thriving friendships, and some semblance of privacy at home. She’s got a friendly, girl-next-door vibe, and it’s hard not to acknowledge the strength and hustle of Mrs. Lala Anthony.

A Journey Through Lala LandLala Anthony

Lala At Work

In a recent, interview with New York radio station, Hot 97’s Ebro In the Morning, Lala revealed that her first taste of the entertainment industry was unintentional. She went on a quest to meet her celebrity crush, Method Man (I mean, he is fine or whateva) at a Wu-Tang store opening. While there, she inquired about the lingering radio station interns. She was given an application, and the ball was officially rolling.

That encounter lead to her own stint as a radio station intern with, then aspiring rapper, Ludacris. Lala was bitten by the bug. She eventually worked her way up through radio, and on over to a position on television. She landed a job as an MTV VJ on the long running, hit music video show, Total Request Live. Lala’s work on TRL proved to be a solid introduction of the media princess to the public. The show made her a familiar face on our screens, and led to a host of other T.V. gigs for the young starlet.


In the early 2000s, Lala explored her interest in acting. Her big break came in 2012 with a starring role in Think Like A Man. Lala continued to build her resume; working the big screen, the small screen, and even the stage with roles in off-Broadway plays. Most recently, she took on the role of Lakeisha in the Starz, #1 rated, hit show Power. With a shaky end to Season 3 (spoiler alert), fans were relieved to welcome her character back on screen this past Sunday.

In the midst of all of that, Lala found time to launch her own production company, clothing line, and line of cosmetics. That’s not to mention her own #1 rated reality show and wedding special, which she executive produced; or her fruitful career as a NY Times Best Selling author with two self-help books under her belt. One of her books, The Love Playbook is coming to the big screen, with the help of Queen Latifah. Without even having touched on her personal life yet, its safe to say it: This girl works!

Lala Familia

If you’ve ever tuned in to even one episode of Lala’s Full Court Life, you’ve seen the running theme of “family”. Lala is a wife to NBA star, Carmelo Anthony, with whom she has shared a 12-year relationship. Together, the couple has one child, 10-year-old son, Kiyan.

Frequently seen members of Lala’s family include her cousin Dice, brother Christian, and her mother, Carmen. Now, please note that Lala is a cancerian woman, by the way. With that said, I’m willing to bet that if you came for any of those mentioned above, she’s got hands…and will use them. That’s why it’s interesting to watch the way this media savvy lady is handling the climate that she is facing today.

With the return of her hit show underway, and all of her current ventures, there is one topic that she could not shake during her recent press run. We all want to know, what’s up with her and Melo. Rumors have swarmed the blogs, for last few months, detailing a rocky road in the Anthony’s marriage. There were several reports that the two stars had legally separated. There was also talk of divorce, that one or the other had moved out of the home and so on.

When asked to address the matter, Lala maintains that the couple has no current plans to divorce. She’s stated repeatedly that she and Carmelo are “the best of friends” with the shared interest of protecting and raising their son together. Lala did make it clear, however, that there is hope for reconciliation. She stated, regarding her feelings on the subject, that “it depends on the day”. That sounds promising…right?

Bestie Lala

How long has Lala been a friend in your head? Probably for as long as she has been an actual friend to practically every celebrity it-girl on the scene. Earlier this year, Refinery 29 referred to Anthony as “the most in demand best friend ever”. A seemingly accurate description seeing as how the woman h

as fostered super close friendships with the likes of Kim Kardashian, Kelly Rowland, Serena freakin’ Williams, Ciara, and Trina, to name a few. And, on a much lower key, Beyonce. Don’t deny it Lala, girl. We see you in the photos, all at the push party and the birthday events. But, I digress.

Obviously, Lala’s friendships aren’t limited to just the girls. She’s friends with some “it-men” as well. That group includes, former classmate, Swizz Beats, and radio shock jock, Charlamagne tha god.

Yep, high profile friends look great on paper, and sure, the networking ops must be amazing. But there is also something about the presence of some old, hometown friends that really speaks to a person’s character. Lala Anthony still has what she refers to as her “core” group of friends. That group consists of the people she bonded with growing up, and during the grind. Good quality friendships like those are, indeed, to be cherished. Looks like Lala’s friendship bag is safe and secure.

Lala Turns Up The Heat

It’s safe to say that Lala has almost always been a bit of a force on the fashion scene. But as of late, Mrs. Anthony has been snatched in every frame. She has been boasting what some are calling, her “revenge body”  (insert eye rolls). It’s not that the girl has ever been an inch past ‘thick’ as far as we know, but it is abundantly clear that she has definitely been clocking hours in somebody’s gym. She has been sharing photos, that the internet likes to refer to as “thirst traps”, all over social media. But as hard as Lala Anthony seems to work, what could be wrong with a little play?

Go ahead and eat your heart out below.


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