What about him? LAST MINUTE Stylish V-Day gifts for him!

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A day filled with love and lots of tokens of appreciation for the significant others we have in our lives!

Although the normal ritual for valentines day geared toward catering to the female, times are changing where men are also getting appreciated with love for the Love they offer during this Love month.

More so some females understand, like men, that a gift for their boo, significant other or partner can also be a gift that keeps on giving and ultimately gives back to them!



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With a man, you can never go wrong with the purchase of a nice cologne. All men love to be coated with a nice scent that makes an impact on all who they come in contact with and furthermore leaves a lasting impression that lingers when they leave the room. Some perfect scent choices can be spotted in photo above and also the newest most popular scents can be found HERE!




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Every man has his go to accessory, whether he is a man that has to dress up for work, likes to dress up in general or doesn’t dress up a lot but likes to dress comfortable, he can always use a default go to item. Some of these items may be a tie,  a nice button up shirt, fitted hat or a nice watch that he wears daily or often when preparing to leave the house to go about his day!




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Now an item that every man definitely needs day to day and can’t ever have enough of, is underwear! Be it for normal everyday wear or for those nice romantic times in the bedroom. This is a gift that serves dual purpose for both you and him! Depending on how sexy they might be, they may just be the right element to inspire a nice evening of romantic bliss! (Smile) and it’s nice to have a pair that is durable, supportive and sexy.



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Purchase him a 1 year subscription to a fashion company who supplies a monthly Style box. For those that may not know what this is, there are companies that offer packages of 3 or more essential and signature items for a one time fee each month and they make sure your man is supplied with what he needs trendy and stylish delivered right to his house. a company to check out is right HERE!



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Phone cases are now more than just a way to cover and keep your phone from damage but they have become as a slight fashion accessory. Depending on the design, fabric or intricate detailing of the case, it can be used to help bring about enhancement to the overall look/ fit one has on! With that said these phone cases help to start to make the perfect fashion accessory! you can check out other cool and stylish cases HERE!

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