Laura Govan Confirms Matt Barnes & Gloria Have Broken Up!


Another day, another reality show couple bites the dust. Basketball Wives LA’s Gloria Govan & her baller boo, Matt Barnes, have split. It’s been rumors going around for a few weeks, Matt himself tweeted about getting a new condo, which sparked “bachelor pad” allegations. Neither Matt or Gloria have spoken publicly about the breakup, but Matt did sort of confirm that he moved out of their marital home and into an apartment.

“Wanted to thank @livingspaces for there help with furnishing my new condo.. Just need to add a few things here & there, but I really appreciate it!!” Matt captioned the photo collage of his new place that he later deleted.

Gloria’s sister, Laura Govan, confirmed to HipHollywood that the two have broken up. “I’ve known Matt since we were in the 9th grade. Matt is a good friend of mine, my sister is my sister, but it’s a relationship. I believe they’ll get back together,” she said.

Laura added, “I just think they need some time, a little time to grow. If they don’t they don’t, if they do, they do. In life I’ve learned that you just have years to live so you might as well live em.’”

Hopefully these two do work it out, for the sake of their kids. Gloria and Matt have 5-year-old twins, Carter and Isaiah. It was rumored that the couple had trust issues and more specifically, Gloria admitted to forging her husband’s signature on a $150,000 loan that she never paid back. The VH1 curse continues…

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