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Laura Govan Won’t Be Stopped!

Laura Govan Won’t Be Stopped!


Whoever said a woman’s life as she knows it ends when she becomes a mother must have been born in the fifties. Gone are the days when being a mother is a woman’s “be all and end all.” Do not get us wrong; any good mother should be there for her kids, but modern moms know their own well-being is intricately tied in with their children’s.

Enter the world of Laura Govan, reality television star, businesswoman, and “Fit Mom.”

This astonishing woman is still taking the world by storm. “…so much [is going on], so much! I’ve been working on my fitness line, my clothing line, my accessory line is booming and doing amazing…I’ve gotten crazy support from a lot of people—Amber Rose, [Blac] Chyna, Neicey Nash, Karreueche [Tran], Christina—so a lot of women are wearing it and loving it…It’s so funny because I had no intention of starting a business or doing anything…I didn’t realize the passion that I had for it…it’s such a blessing…”

laura govan

            We all know and love Laura from her appearances on shows like VH-1’s Basketball Wives LA and TV One’s The Next 15, but honestly as you can tell there is much more to her than just reality television. Ms. Govan is now a “Fit Mom.” A fit mom is a term used to describe mothers who have not allowed childbirth and motherhood to keep them from being healthy and fit. When asked would she define herself as a fit mom she replies; “You know I most definitely feel like anyone who works out is definitely fit…it’s hard to wanna get up and do something. It takes a lot, just the will to want to be motivated, especially when you’re not in the right frame of mind…” Many people might argue that because Laura does not have a typical “nine to five” job she has the time to work out and develop her body. “Not necessarily. I beg to differ. Because my job is twenty four hours, not only do I have my children all day, every day; even when they’re at school I’m on call [she laughs]…I  make time to work out. Even if that means I have to get up at five AM to get ahead of my children to do that then that’s what I’ll do. Also, working out does not mean you have to go to the gym. I hate that people think that. It’s such a stereotypical thing, I feel like it’s an excuse. ‘People are like oh I can’t get to them.’ I’m like shit I can’t either! Do things in the house, you have to figure it out. There are so many things you can do…”

laura govan

            Laura’s current workout regimen does not involve a diet or fad. It does however involve dedicated workouts, a meal plan, and a thirty day cleanse. She also includes her children with her workouts. “Oh my God! My kids so do work out. If you look on my Instagram you’ll see me at a spin class. I make them go with me…they’ll work out with me, sometimes they’ll get up with me in the morning and run…but they’re already really super active. They have a lot of activities….they’re so active in everything I do…” Laura admits her children notice how hard she is working and grinding and that it makes her strive to be even better. “My oldest was like you work so hard. I was like ‘Thank you!’ Gimme a high five! [She laughs].”

laura govan

As aforementioned Laura has been quite the Superwoman lately with her many ventures and now she can add author to her resume with her new book, Don’t Get Mad, Get Sexy. Based on the title you might assume it is based on getting a “revenge body;” the act of getting a more sexually desirable and fit body after a break up. However, Laura, divulges it is not about getting a revenge body, but more inspirational. “It’s not for body, it’s more like for your soul. I wrote it because I wanted it to be about getting sexy—getting sexy mentally…it’s more about mind, body, and soul.” The book definitely sounds inspiring and interesting, and who better to help people climb out of the muck in life than someone who has been through it. As you might recall, she has been a victim of cyberbullying. “My mouth use to be so slick and I’m not like that anymore. I’m real filtered. It’s called growth—you just grow up and that’s what I been on—my grown woman shit! I take responsibility for my part in everything I’ve done wrong. Trials, tribulations, lows—I played a part in all of them…I just keep it moving. I’m just really focused. I got my faith back and I’m on my spiritual growth…”

It is no secret we love and admire Laura Govan. She proves daily to be an amazing mother, woman, and master multitasker. We personally would love to see the person she has become back on reality television. She admits she may not be done with or closed off to another reality show, but it would have to be something she is really on board with. Sure, we look at Laura and see the glitz and glamour, but it is high time we see the strength in her too. The world has to face it that she persists and won’t be stopped!

Written By: Michael “Hey Mikey” Fanning


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