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Leading Entrepreneurs: Talk with Victor Bomi

Leading Entrepreneurs: Talk with Victor Bomi

Victor Bomi
Victor Bomi

Over the last decade, there has been a large increase in entrepreneurship within the United States. While women of color have been identified as the “fastest-growing group of entrepreneurs in America”, another group of business owners is steadily rising to the occasion; and they are millennials. Nigerian born entrepreneur, Victor Bomi is among the group of young entrepreneurs who are leading the charge in not only creating businesses but creating solutions.

Victor is the founder and CEO of ATLCO Real Estate Inc, a real estate investment firm based in Atlanta, GA. This privately held corporation provides real estate advisor, real estate investment management, asset management, and financial planning services to investors. So far, ATLCO is responsible for over $2 million worth of real estate transactions.

Started in 2013, ATLCO initially operated under the name Bomiventures, LLC. It was Victor’s first attempt to venture out into the realm of real estate after graduating with a BBA in Finance from the University of West Georgia. He combined his background in business consulting and development, and network marketing, and education to feed his passion for real estate and wealth building. Believing that people can create financial freedom through real estate, allowing them to accomplish financial security and peace of mind.

Since being in business, Victor’s company has dove deep into the Atlanta real estate market. Taking advantage of all the exciting new developments that Atlanta is continuing to experience. The city has been ranked as the #1 rental market in the U.S. for investor by Home Union. Forbes has ranked it as #21 for being a top city for young professionals, #9 for cities with the best business climates, and #21 for “America’s Fastest Growing Cities”.

However, if you haven’t been to Atlanta recently then you wouldn’t know that houses and other new developments are popping up like weeds. The international city is home to the world’s busiest airport and many large corporations have made it their headquarters. Also, new developments like SunTrust Park, the Atlanta Beltline, Mercedes-Benz Stadium (home to the 2019 Superbowl). Not to mention a fast-growing film industry, which according to the Atlanta Business Journal, has already made a $9.5 billion economic impact this year. The last time that Atlanta saw nearly as much growth as now was between 1990-1996 when it was announced that the city would be hosting the 1996 Summer Olympics.

While managing the many moving parts involved in various transactions, Victor consults and teaches his clients about defining their goals for their investments. By knowing their objectives he can properly determine which areas and types of properties will best suit his client’s goals. And his knowledge of the market allows him to get them the best deals.

Victor Bomi

His company has managed to raise over $2 million dollars worth of private financing for investing in real estate, and their asset management division (E&E Capital Management, LLC) manages well over $25 million and over 200 units in the Atlanta market. However, Victor believes that his success comes from his ability to put his clients first and his passion to change lives through real estate.

If you take a look into the past you’ll notice that historically, real estate has always been a symbol of wealth. Landowners were always the wealthiest group any given region’s population, and not much has changed since then. In the feudal era, Kings and Queens were usually the primary landowners, along with members of the nobility. And in some societies, most of the political decisions were controlled by landowners. For example in the United Kingdom, only people who owned land were given suffrage (the right to vote).

Besides real estate, Victor also has a passion for entrepreneurship and philanthropy. Ultimately, he would like to use his professional experiences to help guide the next generation of young entrepreneurs. Teaching other young people how to turn an idea into a business, and eventually grow that business. For Victor, it’s all about helping people learn how to create their own wealth and control their own destinies.

He knows all too well about turning passions into profitable businesses. And wants to teach fledgling entrepreneurs about the benefits and hardships of owning a business. Generally, people usually don’t understand the responsibility and sacrifices that come with being an entrepreneur until they ultimately make the decision to create their own business. However, the payoffs come in the form of financial stability apart from an organization, control over one’s time, and the joy of doing what you love.

So what’s next for a young man who has managed to create a thriving business in a rapidly growing market? The answer to that question is expansion. Victor plans on branching off into Houston, TX, and parts of Florida. The sunshine state has five cities in the top ten slots on Forbes’ list of “Fastest-growing cities. Which means more development and a lot of real estate opportunities.

As for Houston, the city is the nation’s fourth most populous city and is only second to New York City in having the largest public companies. Thinking long-term, Victor would like to eventually develop several hotels internationally. And he’s interested in pursuing business ventures and philanthropic endeavors back home in Nigeria; which he hasn’t visited since he was 6-years-old. He’s already done so much before the age of 30, so the possibilities of what he can accomplish in a lifetime are endless.


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